Featured Vendor of the Month: Sue Lopez, #428

This month we meet Sue Lopez, a fabulous vendor that always brings a smile! Sue refers to her booth here as “Playing Store”. She says:

“‘Playing Store’ is how I refer to the fun I have setting up and stocking my booth at the Emporium. I have been in Ashland 40 years, working in social services and supporting causes of advocacy for others. Now, when I am not “playing store”, I volunteer on the board of the Ashland Library, work as a personal service worker, and manage care for individuals. Many years provides a wealth of resources for booth goodies as well as to help others.

You will have to keep on your toes to treasure hunt at my booth. It is lit with colored lights and paper cutouts, and is located in front of the furniture area.

I love to sell rugs, old glass bottles, cooking dishes, vases, framed art and gift quality treasures that need to be re-homed.

In April, celebrating National Poetry Month I will have poems for you to pick up and put in your pocket as well as books for sale. Stop by, pick up a poem, and let the treasure hunt begin!”

We love playing host to so many great people that support meaningful causes and have fun tending to their booths on the side. This is probably the best thing about the Emporium, so many great people get to be involved, and the time and energy they put out is all up to them! We have a diversity of inventory because each booth represents a different point of view, a different style, and a different story. We are here to celebrate uniqueness and bring our customers the most varied and comfortable shopping experience in town! Come see what’s new this month! We have welcomed many new vendors!