Ashland Brain Harmony

Feeling Stuck and Unhappy with your Life? Brain Wave Optimization and Other Healing Modalities Can Help.

by Deborah Josephson

Many people haven’t been able to achieve a feeling of happiness and abundance in the good things in life like friendships, security, a sense of calm and a positive world view.  We can be stuck with a narrow focus of our problems and issues and miss out on the joy of living.  We want to be rid of the traumas from our past. At Ashland Brain Harmony we know that when the brain is in balance and harmonized, all of these are within reach.

Some of our clients come for Brainwave Optimization after trying other modalities such as talk therapy, acupuncture, chiropractic, massage, physical therapy, yoga or others.  Dan and I have explored other modalities—spiritual, body centered, relaxation and meditation.  Some clients haven’t tried anything at all and are new to the “healing world”.  Those who have successfully used other modalities speak of their ability to be more relaxed, be free of pain and achieve insights into themselves and others.  And they want more.  When we work with folks who’ve not tried other modalities, we encourage them to do so down the road.  After their brain has achieved balance and harmony, there are important ways to keep bodies and minds working well together.  This allows a person to have a more open view of the world.

No one should live without massage or finding different ways to help their bodies move!  These things keep us fit and able.  The mind body connections are important to pay attention to.  One of the paths of support for the brain is physical exercise and movement.  Nutrition is important and there are many different ways to keep your brain and body in better condition—I’m disappointed that sugar isn’t one of them!!  Eating healthily is so important for us.

The balanced brain can start you on your way to a happy and healthy life, with better sleep, less anxiety, more calm and peace.  Taking care of your body and mind will help that process continue.  So, on October 25th there will be An Evening of Health, Wellness and Wine at 2205 Ashland St., Unit 104 in Ashland.   Holistic Health & Fitness will be welcoming us to examine different healing modalities from 5:00 to 8:00 that evening.  There will be nutrition information, experts in living healthy lives, acupuncturists, fitness gurus, a professional homeopath,  myself with my Brainwave Optimization equipment, and organic wine and chocolate (yeah for the chocolate!)  We’ll have door prizes and wonderful conversation.  I hope to see you there.  Call me for more information at 541-482-1542 or visit our website.  As always, consultations are complimentary.


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