Forgiveness is Freedom!

How would you like to be ‘in charge of your life?”, to consciously be the master of your own universe and really direct the pathway you take to the highest levels of accomplishment and joyous living?

In the Invincibility Series we ascertain that life will always bring us our Karmas.  A conglomeration of all that we’ve ever ‘done’, what we think about what we’ve done, and, what we are inside of us.  We attract what WE ARE, not what we “want”.  So, this then, leads us to F, F & F. . . another of the majestic “Intercessions” preparing us for continuous life break-though’s.

If you are to have what you want, desire & what you long for, you must rise to the level of vibration commensurate with that which you desire to attract

The F, F & F comes in as the insurance and assurance that You Will have what “You will”.  In the Universe, in God’s mind, heart, in the massively powerful All that IS, YOU have the right to invite all that YOU desire into your life!

As a human being, you are subject to the conditioning of life specifically that which was downloaded during the first 7 years.   This becomes the basis of who you are now when we engage unconscious behaviors.  When we focus upon negativities, of ourselves or another, we fundamentally go into in that default system.

Forgiveness, of ourselves & of all others IS the way to living the life we desire rather than being relegated to the backlash of judgmental living.  As we understand it at a higher level, Lack of forgiveness is in actuality self abuse.  When we don’t forgive we are actually asking for “that lesson” again, sending out that signal to the universe to “do that to me one more time”.  And, so, Karma.

Instead, when we find ourselves in any negative frame of living & thinking where self-preservation is on the line give this a try.  Simple, effective & powerful:  Place your fingertips over your heart chakra (about 5 fingers up from sternum) and lightly rock the body and say, silently or aloud:  I am forgiven, I am forgiving, I am forgivable.  Repeat as your body lightly rocks and fingertips are upon the heart chakra.  Repeat rapidly for a good seven or greater breaths.  When completed with the F, F & F Intercession, revisit the problem you were judging & not forgiving and consider what has changed in the way you feel about your previously not forgiven issue.

These repeated Invincibility Intercessions are truly the answer to “Forgiveness as THE way to Freedom!   Practice this daily and change your life for the better!