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Functional Training + Massage = SuperHealth

Massage and Functional Training complement each other to restore your health. Functional Training is a fitness program that uses specific exercises to reeducate your body, strengthening the smaller core muscles and lessening your dependence on the often-overworked larger muscle groups. The result? A stronger center, improved posture, and increased range of movement.

Massage is extremely beneficial after your work out. Muscles need support to recover. Massage reduces post-workout inflammation as well as improves circulation of body fluids, making nutrients and oxygen more available. This can induce deep relaxation, enhance mental clarity and contribute to increased range of motion in your joints.

Massage educates your body by bringing an awareness of which of your muscles are weak and inhibited, needing more vigorous massage and which muscles have too much tone and need a lighter or more sustained touch. Combining your functional training with massage is the ideal way to discover what all your muscles need. Targeted training and massage gives your body accurate care and can produce dramatically improved results.

And boy, do we need the help! In this hurried society most of us live with imbalance, due to injury, repetitive asymmetrical movements, too much stress, or mental and emotional states such as prolonged worry. Our bodies respond with contraction in both musculature and posture, attempting to protect itself from real or imagined danger. This pulls everything out of balance, causing certain muscles to weaken and others to tighten. Functional training plus massage can help you discover the nature of your particular imbalances and begin to intelligently correct them.

Throw the effects of aging into the picture and harnessing tools like functional training and massage becomes essential. Older bodies are more prone to injury, take more time to recover, and lose flexibility. Small problems that have persisted over the years can become big ones. But a commitment to health and wellness that starts with self-education can help to turn things around, at any age. What an investment that is!

Here are some comments from two of our Fitness Center members, speaking with trainer John Hacker:

HOLLY: We never do the same thing twice. I can tell that the exercises are affecting different muscle groups and stabilizers with each repetition and that helps me feel that I’m getting a full body workout.

JOHN: Yes, it’s important to make changes to your exercises. Even though you’re working the same muscles, you work them differently. The fatigue patterns will be completely different, which wakes up your body’s self balancing and healing mechanisms.

SONNA: I appreciate how you get us in the proper form, especially when we are nursing an injury.

JOHN: An injured person might think,” Oh, I can’t do anything.” No, it’s a great opportunity to accelerate healing by working the correct muscles.

HOLLY: I shattered my femur in a skiing accident. After five surgeries and lots of physical therapy I was still in enormous pain. But through using the stability exercises my pain has decreased tremendously.  After doing a 50-minute workout with the stretch, I always feel more energized, ready for the day.

JOHN:  Functional training increases both your muscle mass and your core strength.  As the small stabilizer muscles engage in larger muscle groups, core stability increases, as does hip and knee stability. This improves your balance and reaction time and also works on your cognitive ability, helping memory and  brain focus.

SONNA:  I’ve noticed that these functional training sessions really help me in other areas too, like with my martial arts.

HOLLY:  I’ve got to say, working out with you in the functional training class is so much fun! I love your enthusiasm and how we all support and help each other. Sometimes between exercise sets, class members make suggestions for diet and nutrition and tell us about different health programs going on around the valley, inspiring us all. And it’s great that you individualize the exercises for each class member no matter what their fitness level, age or gender is.

JOHN: Yes, and the cohesiveness of the group energy has a positive, synergistic effect to take everyone to the next level.

We encourage everyone to experiment with combining functional training and massage.  A good start is to join the best-kept fitness secret in the Rogue Valley — Hidden Springs Community Fitness Center.  We offer monthly packages that include Functional Training sessions and personal massage treatments from experienced staff that work together to give you unique care, empowering your healing and supporting you to achieve optimum wellness.

Remember, it is important to train correctly and incorporate balance into your training program, which is why we specialize in functional training and recommend massage to make it even more effective.

Call us at 541 488-8858 to find out how easy it is to become a member. Or come by Hidden Springs for a tour of the fitness center, including, whole body vibration, exercise with oxygen and far infrared sauna with cold plunge.

You can get started by joining one of the Group Personal Functional Training Classes at Hidden Springs every Monday at 10am or Friday at 11:30 am. 

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