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Garrison’s – Welcome Kendall Hess

Why I Am Excited to Join the Garrison’s Team

by Kendall Hess

Let me introduce myself.  My name is Kendall Hess.  I am a locally grown product.  I went to school here, and though I moved out of the valley briefly in my early 20s I found I couldn’t stay away from this incredible place.

Landing here after leaving a high paying, high stress job with a major national company has been both scary and exciting.  Change always comes with a bit of anxiety, right?   Let me share a bit about how I came to be here.  My post high school education was in interior design, yet I somehow ended up selling newspaper ads.  I subsequently worked in radio sales, and most recently advertising in the cable industry.  With every step along the way I have been able to grow professionally, to learn many valuable things about the local business community, and to see first-hand how many in our community conduct their businesses.  I have built relationships that I treasure.

As a client of mine, the folks at Garrison’s were one of those relationships.  Always a pleasure to work with, their advertising is consistently light-hearted and genuine.  Therefore, it was a thrill when Brian Garrison reached out to me and presented me with an opportunity to work as Marketing Director on his staff.  As he was explaining the potential position to me, I could hardly sit still.  Having worked for giant corporations in most of my work experience, it became easy to feel under appreciated and invisible.  Having a chance to be a part of such an impressive local business and join such an awesome hometown team sounded nothing short of thrilling.

As I didn’t want to make in impulsive commitment, Brian was kind enough to give me time to mull it over and make a well-considered decision.  I talked with family and close friends and their responses unanimously encouraged me to jump at this chance and don’t wait.  Garrison’s has a solid and positive reputation.  The staff is known to be exceptional and committed.  Brian shared with me that employee turnover in this company is almost none.  The staff is happy.  They are family.   Who wouldn’t want to be a part of that?!  So, of course, I accepted the position and I couldn’t be happier with that choice.  I am so looking forward to building relationships here and being a worthy and valued member of such an extraordinary company.

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