German Cars & Coffee

It’s hard to believe we’ve been hosting German Cars and Coffee (GC&C) for over a year now! It’s a truly wonderful experience every time, with awesome people of all ages and an eclectic grouping of amazing and treasured vehicles! Porsches, Volkswagens, BMWs, Audis, and Mercedes-Benz… oh so beautiful!

We meet the second Saturday of each month at the Brammo (the old Talent Walmart) parking lot between 8:00 and 11:00. You’ll find a welcoming mix of positive, like-minded individuals and families along with their treasured rides. For refreshments, we provide free Noble Coffee and Puck’s Doughnuts (from the Phoenix location) along with water, shade, and a comfortable seat when you’re ready to take a break. The spectrum of cars ranges from well-loved rusty treasures to million-dollar show cars. You’ll see daily drivers, works in progress, restored collectibles, race cars, and even European fire trucks and rescue vehicles. It’s genuinely a lot of fun and a great way to spend a Saturday morning.

This season, we have an exciting change coming to GC&C. We are thrilled to be bringing aboard longtime supporter of snikwah motor werks and GC&C, Aaron’s Autowerks, as co-sponsors of this wonderful event. With Aaron’s on board, we are opening GC&C up to all European makes and models. We are really excited to join forces with Aaron’s to grow this event and offer even more fun for families and individuals who have a passion for cars.

Even with German in our name, this past year, we were fortunate enough to have a stunning mix of non-German cars stop by including a classic Caddy, Ferrari’s, Alfa Romeo’s, and even a regal Bentley to name a few. The people, the stories, the smells, and the sounds are what make this gathering something to look forward to each month!

Our next meetup is on April 9th, so please stop by and say hello!

In case you were wondering about snikwah motor werks… we are a very small licensed antique German car broker and appraiser that offers restoration services. We also offer the complete line of Yakima products for sale, we rent Yakima cargo boxes and accessories, and we are the only shop in the valley that does Yakima installations… whether you buy it from us or not. We even do custom installs for Volkswagen Westfalias, truck canopies, trailers, and motor homes too.

Currently our most popular item, worldwide, is our line of German car-inspired T-shirts for men, women, youth, toddlers, and infants. We’re continually adding new designs, so check out our website for the latest offerings! You can also find us on Facebook or feel free to email, call, or text us.

Happy Motoring!

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