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The first thing I want you to know about Garrison’s Mattress Gallery: we take our job seriously.  Sleep is life altering, and if you’re coming to us for help with it, we better damn well know to help.

We don’t have salespeople; we have sleep specialists.  They don’t suck at their job.  The amount of information involved in helping somebody sleep better is excruciating, and we spend a good lump of time and money teaching/training our people.  Not so they can regurgitate a bunch of information on you when you come in, rather so they assess your needs and navigate you through the sea of white rectangles to find the one that will change your life.

How do we do help navigate you?  First of all we make it about comfort, not about coil counts or layers of foam.  Yes we know all the specs of our mattresses, but there is no use telling you about them unless you find a mattress you’re comfortable in.  We’ve never had somebody find a mattress totally uncomfortable, tell them the coil count, and the mattress miraculously becomes comfortable.

And speaking of comfort, how the heck are you supposed to figure out what is comfortable when every mattress company calls their mattress something different?  The Cloud bed from Tempur-Pedic feels pretty close to the pillowtop firm from Beauty-Rest, which feels about the same a Serta’s Eurotop Plush.  Hell, it can be confusing for us, and we live this stuff.  I can’t imagine how confusing it is for you.

Our solution: Garrison’s Comfort Rating System

About a year ago we built a better mousetrap.  It’s a big-ass machine that has allowed us to accurately measure the comfort level of every mattress across all the brands (pictured below).  Yes, we built it, from scratch, because we are total geeks.

The machine tests the compression of each bed, giving us a number between one and ten, firm to soft, respectively.  So after lying on a few beds at Garrison’s, we are able to figure out the number that you find the most comfortable, and then only show you mattresses around the same number.  This quickly narrows the search by eliminating 90% of the beds in the showroom, highly increasing the likelihood that you will find the perfect mattress.  BAM!  SCIENCE BABY!

The last thing I want you to know: we take care of our community.  When you buy from Garrison’s a portion of your hard earned cash is going to make Southern Oregon a better place to live.  My company does not hoard profits.  Garrison’s is founded on a culture of service: my service to our staff, their service to our customers, and the company’s service to our community.

So when you’ve had enough of that old mattress you’re sleeping on, come see one of our sleep specialists at Garrison’s Mattress Gallery.  We Got Your Back!

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