Giving Thanks on my One-Year Anniversary in the LocalsGuide

Given this is the month we celebrate Thanksgiving, I wish to dedicate this column as an expression of my gratitude. I give thanks to Shields (the editor of this publication), you the readers, and also to the city of Ashland, in general, for the warm welcome I have received, both personally and professionally, since I moved here in May of last year.

This November is the one-year anniversary of my first interview in the LocalsGuide.  Thanks to that article, the generous word-of-mouth referrals, and the tight-knit community that is Ashland, I have been able to create a thriving practice in less than eighteen months. Every day I have the pleasure of working with people who are wellness-focused and committed to making positive change in their bodies.

In order to best serve the health and scheduling needs of my existing clients, I am in the unique position of no longer accepting new clients. As current clients’ conditions improve, I may begin to accept new clients again in 2014. If you would like to be added to a new client waiting list or if you are interested in a referral, please email me at

Besides offering individual massage and bodywork sessions, another passion of mine is teaching bodywork, both to lay people and to fellow massage therapists. Over the next several months, many of my columns will teach massage techniques that you can do at home, without a table, and without overworking your hands. Each column will be supported by a video link on my website demonstrating the technique described. If you would like to take a sneak-peak at the technique I will teach next month, please visit the blog on my website at

If you are a local therapist, I am also creating a small mentorship circle for those craving to expand their skills and practices in a creative and personalized environment. I would love to connect with other impassioned therapists with whom I could share my experience, but also eventually referrals. If you are interested in mentorship or the Nationally Certified continuing education classes I will offer in 2014, please email me at I would love to have a conversation with you!

Thank you, Ashland; wishing you a wonderful Thanksgiving.