GreenSprings Inn: Tradition, community, friends, food

The literature of country inns: As part of our ongoing study of the hospitality industry, fact and fiction, we recently attended a performance of Fiddler on the Roof at Portland Center Stage. It turns out that, in Sholem Aleichem’s story about Jewish peasants in a Russian village, Mordcha’s inn serves mainly as the setting for a drunken celebration of a wedding that shouldn’t (and didn’t) happen. We don’t plan on adding that function to our list of services, i.e. Green Springs Inn: food, lodging and drunken celebrations of big mistakes.

Still, Fiddler got us thinking about how Tradition (remember that song?) and meals connect us and frame our lives. We may have iPads and live in a global village, but we are still basically peasants. It might be a good idea to rediscover some of our peasant-ness.

But let’s skim over the deep philosophy. We are talking about the coming holiday season and some events on the Green Springs that might interest you.

Thanksgiving: This year we will give thanks that our three daughters are not hell-bent on marrying unsuitable men, i.e. tailors, revolutionaries or Cossacks. (On the other hand, who are we to decide?)

To celebrate this and other blessings, you are invited to join us and about 70 other guests for our 19th Thanksgiving Dinner at Green Springs Inn on Thursday, November 28, starting around 2:30 PM. The menu is totally traditional, i.e. turkey and all the fixin’s, and the prix fixe includes everything from appetizers through pumpkin pie. We offer just one seating and everyone gathers at long tables, family style, so you may meet some folks whom you don’t already know.

Green Springs WinterFest: Mark the first Saturday in December (the 7th this year) for your indispensable early winter mountain adventure and holiday shopping expedition. Thrills include the drive up Highway 66, frosty air and dog sled rides. Holiday essentials include fresh-cut Christmas trees and ingenious crafts made by mountain children and parents. All this awaits you at Green Springs Inn, plus hot chocolate, soup and music. The event is free and all sales benefit Pinehurst School. If you haven’t done so already, make WinterFest a tradition.

Holiday parties and getaways: It’s time to plan your seasonal bonding ritual. For groups, families and couples, Green Springs Inn is a convenient yet somewhat exotic overnight or weekend destination. Among other amenities, we offer nine deluxe, private cabins in the forest including four new ones with terrific views. (The older ones also provide terrific views.) Fun fact: we are situated on a state highway that is maintained assiduously by ODOT, so we are way more accessible than you might imagine. And once you arrive, you are safe.
However you celebrate this final season of 2013, mazel tov.