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One of the most common energetic disturbances that modern humans experience is being ungrounded. You may experience this as feeling spacey, absent-minded, anxious, unbalanced or uncoordinated, or like you’re spinning your wheels. Like any building, the human body needs to be able to ground excess energy down into the earth as well as be able to draw the supportive energies of the earth up into the body. Our modern lifestyle has taken us away from the natural grounding that happens when we are outdoors actually touching the earth with our hands or feet. Nowadays, instead of walking on the earth with bare feet or moccasins, we traverse sidewalks wearing rubberized soles, or we ride in cars on the freeway with rubber tires. The average first-world person doesn’t actually touch the ground but for the occasional picnic, or day at the beach.

The surface of the earth is covered by a field of negative electrons, which are a tremendous ally against the inflammatory response triggered by free radicals. In his article titled Can Electrons Act as Antioxidants?, Dr. James Oschman states that “…free or mobile electrons can act directly on free radicals, and this happens naturally when the body is in contact with the earth, which is a natural source of free electrons…” and that “…evidence suggests that free (mobile) electrons from the earth are natural antioxidants.”

Another aspect of grounding is the free movement of Yin and Yang energies as they pass through our bodies seeking to connect with their opposite polarity. You may not realize it, but you are a conduit for those energies as they constantly move toward one another – the Yin energies rising from the earth and the Yang energies coming down from the heavens. These energies move through our meridians, systematically traversing up the front and down the back of the body. If these impulses are impeded and unable to complete their circuit, energy can back up and stagnate affecting the energy body and consequently the physical body.

Luckily, with this awareness and simple energy medicine techniques, there’s a lot we can do to ensure that the pathways are clear for the Yin and Yang energies to move freely, and we can take advantage of those electrons blanketing the surface of the planet. It may be obvious to you at this point that taking time to go outside every day to spend a few minutes actually contacting the earth with bare feet or hands is one of the simplest, cheapest, and most profound energy balancing methods we have. In the Energy Medicine 101 class I’ll teach in January I will share many techniques you can use to get grounded and become more fully present.

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