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Happy Holidays from LocalsGuide

The holiday season means different things to each one of us. Here at LocalsGuide, the holidays are most definitely about abundance and gratitude. Without our loyal advertisers and amazing collaborators, we would not experience the growth and success that has fueled our expansion beyond the pages of the paper you hold in your hands.

What began as a 16 page community-minded platform eight years ago has grown to 50+ pages of Community-Powered media; interviews, columns and advertising created by the very businesses we serve in an effort to cut out the middle-man and bring the message straight to you, the community reader.

In supporting our local business community in this way, we see a significant new trend developing. In telling their own stories, businesses are connecting directly with their customers, no filter. Connection breeds goodwill. Goodwill breeds abundance. Abundance creates security. Secure communities prosper and so it goes….

As the year comes to a close, we would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank the nearly 200 local businesses that have supported us over the past year. To you, we owe our deepest gratitude. To our readers, we thank you. Over 21,000 of you read the paper faithfully each month. We thank you for carrying us into your homes from your mailboxes and newsstands each month; we thank you for keeping us on the coffee table all month long; we thank you for flipping through the pages as you enjoy your morning coffee; for recommending us to your neighbors and friends. We thank you for continually seeking out new ways to connect with your community.

Wishing you great abundance
and love this holiday season,

Shields Bialasik – Publisher • Becky Brown – Editor 



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