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Health Care vs. Disease Care?

In Medicine today, in order to be treated and covered by insurance, you must have a condition severe enough to give it a diagnostic name such as cancer, heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, etc.  Who wants that?

The reality is that all of these “diseases” have beginning signs and symptoms, that if addressed early (interceptive actions), could allow the opportunity for the person to “heal”, thus avoiding the development of the “disease.”

The same is true in dentistry.  Before a tooth requires a root canal, before a tooth fractures, before gum inflammation advances to periodontal disease, before worn teeth result in TMJ pain, the early signs and symptoms are there for the trained expert to see.  It is so much better and advantageous for the patient to get in front of an oncoming problem and prevent or eliminate it versus letting it develop into the full blown disease (and less expensive).  This is real health care.

Dr. Benson works for you, not your insurance company.  We provide a thorough diagnosis for all of our patients, regardless of insurance limitations, at no extra fee.  Diagnosis and treatment considerations are based on Dr. Benson’s judgment and experience as well as the desires of the patient.

As a courtesy to all of our patients, we will work for you to maximize the insurance benefits you have.  However, dental insurance will likely not cover all dental care costs.  We provide all patients with an estimate regarding their potential insurance benefits.  Our patients are always in choice to determine the final decisions regarding their dental health.

Our new patient experience is the same for all patients, with or without insurance.  It is a 3 step process.

1.  New patient interview – a no cost appointment for the doctor and patient to get acquainted.

2.  The examination – During the exam process, nearly all patients proclaim that they have never had such complete and thorough exam of     their dental health before.

3.  A no cost follow up appointment to review our findings using close up digital photos of their mouth and chewing system.

After this follow up appointment our patients will have the most complete understanding of their dental health than they ever had to date.  They will appreciate the intricacies of their chewing system and why their entire system is connected.  Tooth wear is not normal.  It is the first sign of a failing chewing system.  Early intervention can restore the chewing system and eliminate the costly ramifications of doing nothing until major treatment and cost is required.

James R. Benson DDS

“Age Reversing Dentistry”


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