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Heartsong 100 with a 100 Campaign

Dear Friends~

2007 has been a big year for the Heartsong Herbal Brewing Company. We moved from the Jacksonville brewery to the Chai Hut in Ashland. We opened the Chai Hut Food Artisans Gallery and Café. We introduced our third Pepper Brew, the Mate Fire. We created “The Goddess” our traveling tea bar. And we built our factory. Meanwhile, we continued serving the regions of Portland, Eugene and Ashland by brewing on the stove in ten-gallon batches and bottling by hand.

We moved to the Chai Hut with one goal: to increase production. But as soon as we moved in, Ashland people began to ask for a teahouse. In response to this demand, the Chai Hut has become a friendly teahouse that promotes organic foods, employs local people, hosts live music, sponsors community meetings, participates in youth internship programs and gives tours.

Our greatest accomplishment this year was the launch of our manufacturing facility. Gone are the days of hand filling and capping every bottle! We now brew in 100-gallon batches and bottle with an automatic filler and capper. With consistent, big batch production, the Heartsong crew is now focused on sales. In December Heartsong products were picked up by Northwest Natural Foods, a Eugene based distributor whose niche is Oregon natural foods. With the help of Northwest Naturals, our products are now available in Bend, Mt. Shasta and at Whole Foods in Portland.

In the past year we’ve invested heavily into our infrastructure with an eye toward creating a long lasting, profitable local business. These investments have not been free, and we find ourselves in the difficult position of having to reconcile our short-term expenses while our sales numbers catch up with our new capacity. Rather than trying to get expensive loans from multinational banking conglomerates to fill this gap, we turn to you, our community to help us through.

We hope to find 100 people who are willing to offer short-term loans of at least $100. We will use this money carefully as working capital, to purchase ingredients and pay bills. We welcome loans with a one-year pay back and we gratefully welcome gifts also. Success in this fund raising campaign will empower Heartsong to expand sales through consistent production. First Heartsong Brews saturate Portland. Second, sales expand to Seattle. Third, we douse San Francisco.

The people of the Heartsong Herbal Brewing Company are both thrilled and grateful to make good tea for the people of Oregon and beyond. We are excited to leap from the solid foundation we’ve built over this past year, and hope you’ll consider joining us on this journey.

We’d love to hear from you!

Visit our website
contact: or call (541) 488-5614.

Loans and gifts can be made on-line or in person at the Chai Hut.

Please consider sharing this letter with friends!

Cheers to a prosperous 2008,

~The Heartsong Crew ~

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Heartsong Chai and the Heartsong Pepper Brews are pioneers in the beverage industry. These healthful and invigorating brews are the natural evolution of America?s energy drink fascination. The mission of the Heartsong Herbal Brewing Company is to revitalize people?s bodies with healthful beverages while vitalizing our community through fair-trade business. The Heartsong Herbal Brewing Company recently expanded production capacity and now intends to profitably establish itself as a leader in the world of beverages.

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