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Customers tell us they are simply delicious! How do we make them? Well, we start with a smoothie mix that is 100% Crushed fruit or vegetables in a bottle, with no added sugar and no added preservatives—sourced from farms that don’t spray pesticides. The only sugar in these babies is unrefined from nature itself. Some of our flavors include Pineapple Paradise, Mango Tango, Acai Super berry, 4 Berry Crush, Strawberry Classic, Orange Tangerine, Butternut Squash Mango, and Orange-Carrot. Then, we begin to Custom-Make your smoothie. We add your choice of Almond, Soy, Coconut, 2% or Skim milk, and ice from filtered water. We blend it well, and serve it in a 12 or 20oz. Eco cup. We can add Fresh Bananas, Raw Nuts, or any number of Organic Green Herbs, Dried Kale and Spinach, Dried Avocado, Blue-Green Algae, Raw Honey, or Bee Pollen.

We also make Pre-Workout and Post Workout drinks with Whey, Raw, or Soy protein, Natural Peanut Butter and Ultimate Recovery Mix. We can even throw in some dark chocolate. Many of our customers tell us they feel much healthier and have more energy after drinking a Heartsong Smoothie.

We also have an Espresso Bar. We serve Java Planet Coffee; a small-batch coffee roaster out of Miami. We chose this company because of their being a 100% Organic Fair Trade company and having a great product and good prices. We’re sure you will love their coffee. Try our Java Jolt., a smoothie with a hint of chocolate and 20 grams of protein.

Or try the Mega Blast, over 15 fruits, vegetables, herbs, nuts, and oils and—-a Banana!

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Heartsong Chai and the Heartsong Pepper Brews are pioneers in the beverage industry. These healthful and invigorating brews are the natural evolution of America?s energy drink fascination. The mission of the Heartsong Herbal Brewing Company is to revitalize people?s bodies with healthful beverages while vitalizing our community through fair-trade business. The Heartsong Herbal Brewing Company recently expanded production capacity and now intends to profitably establish itself as a leader in the world of beverages.

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