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Hidden Springs Fitness Center : Your New Body in 2014 – It All Starts in Your Head

So, why is it that knowing something is good or bad for us usually doesn’t make much difference? Smokers keep smoking, junk food gets eaten, and regular exercise remains a challenging goal rather than something fun that we want to do. Physical fitness begins in your mind.  And 2014 can be the year you use your mind to create a new body, one that actually enjoys doing what’s good for it… like exercising regularly.

Tapping into your Unconscious
How can you do this? You start by tapping into your own unconscious mind. If that sounds mysterious, it isn’t. You simply start by considering five things, qualities that we all want: power, energy, freedom, balance, and joy.  Sure, we all want them (who wouldn’t?) but each of us is unique, and your priorities about which are most important to you can give you some interesting information about your unique exercise needs that can help you develop a fitness program you’ll want to do and keep doing.

Take This Little Quiz
First, consider which of these qualities you want the most.  Here they are again: power, energy, freedom, balance, and joy.  Just let your eyes lightly touch each one of them and notice where you feel drawn.  Write a number, 1 – 5, beside each one with 1 being the most desirable quality to you now in your life.

Now, before you move on to step two, take a moment to review your list.  Imagine increasing your experience of ALL these qualities; more personal power, more energy throughout the day, more freedom in your life, the stability of balance, and much more enjoyment. Give yourself a moment or two to feel what this will be like! Imagine it has already happened; make it real right now as you read.  Vividly imagining these things will draw you toward the things that will make you feel that way, and your unique fitness program can be a big part of that as you’ll see.

Now comes the fun part. You’re going to discover what kinds of exercise will work best for you, according to your subconscious.  Of course, just as you want ALL of those qualities, you’ll realize that you want all of these for a complete exercise program.  But you won’t enjoy doing any of them unless you get beyond the “shoulds,” the “duty” part of exercising that turns us all off.  So, we’re using your own subconscious mind and feelings to create a fitness breakthrough, so you really can create a new body in 2014.

What is your Unconscious Telling You?
Whatever you prioritized as #1 for you, is the exercise that will help you the most as you design a complete and balanced fitness program for yourself.  It’s probably the weakest link for you. For example, if you chose personal power, focusing first and foremost on strength training will contribute to your personal power.  Or if you choose freedom, flexibility training will probably give you the most benefit.  Then fill out the rest of your exercise program with the other exercises in the order that you listed their corresponding qualities.

Personal Power = Strength Training
Building strength in your muscles gives you the feeling of personal power and will help you manifest that power in your life.  Increasing lean body tissue boosts your metabolism, helps you lose weight, grows your protein reserves, strengthens your immune system, and promotes anti-aging.
Energy = Aerobic Exercise
To increase your energy levels, use aerobic exercise to increase circulation, strengthen your heart and blood vessels, empower the excretion of toxins through your lymph system, and increase your metabolism.
Freedom = Flexibility Training
For the experience of more freedom, choose flexibility training to make your body more limber. This will develop the sense of freedom in your life.  Try stretching and yoga.  Yoga is one of the best exercise systems for flexibility.  It also balances your endocrine glands and frees up energy blocks in your joints and muscles.
A Balanced Life = Balancing Exercises
To create more balance in your life, start by balancing your brain.  Explore “functional training,” which consists of exercises where you balance as you exercise. This simultaneously provides strength training and even has an aerobic component. Other great balancing exercises are dancing and certain types of yoga.
Joy = Exercises That You Enjoy
If you prioritized joy, now you know just you how important it is that you enjoy exercising.  If joy is number one, your most important exercise priority is to find some kind of movement activity that you enjoy.  Maybe this means exercising with a friend, because it would be fun to play that way together.  It might mean being totally spontaneous.  The keys here are no drudgery, and no compulsion.  Your priority is to start with enjoyment and stay with enjoyment.  Bring that enjoyment into your daily movement, whatever it turns out to be, and what how it spreads into your whole life.

Your Next Step
Now it’s time for you to put together and implement the optimum fitness program for you and begin creating your new body for 2014.  If you want some help or personal guidance, our fitness trainers at Hidden Springs can provide the expertise and encouragement to help you reach your health and fitness goals.  We especially recommend Coach Hacker’s Functional Training Classes every Monday at 10 am and Friday at 11:30am.  They include all five of the qualities, especially the joy.  It’s a lot of fun to work out in a friendly, supportive class.  And, the first class is free! Call Hidden Springs to register at 541-488-8858.

We hope we can help make 2014 your best year yet for fitness and health!

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