Home for the Holidays…

Yes.  It is that time of year again.  Time when family and friends gather together to enjoy one another, to partake in fabulous holiday menus and perhaps tell stories of years gone by.  The cause of these gatherings may be for different reasons but the end result is the same — special time with people we love.

Having family members throughout the aging years helps keep one young and vibrant.  It brings meaning and purpose to our lives and helps to focus on a positive outlook on the future.  Multiple generations are usually together during the holidays even if they are not together any other time of the year.  Families often become so busy with their own lives that the parents or grandparents take a bit of a “back burner.”

Sometimes a family member is living in a retirement community or assisted living facility and they may feel abandoned and left out of the family gatherings.  Some communities/facilities do not really welcome holiday visitors and do not encourage this multi-generational interaction.  At Mountain Meadows 55+ Community we know how important family is to the life enjoyment of the residents.  We know that grandchildren and great grandchildren are, to many, the most important part of their lives today.

Residents of this special community have their own kitchens and dining rooms and can cook the same holiday traditions and share with their families.  For some, the holiday meals have become a burden but the gathering around the meal remains vital.  The Meadowlark Dining Room at Mountain Meadows provides an opportunity for families to gather together but not have the meal preparation and the hours of clean-up afterwards. Many residents make their reservations for the holiday meals well in advance to be sure they can be with their families.

The holidays are a time to celebrate life; celebrate family; celebrate friends.  It is a time to laugh, to be joyful, to share stories of years gone by and make sure the young generations in the family can carry on the stories and traditions which make a family a family.  The important things that make the houses and buildings we reside in become the homes we live and love in.  The cherished memories and memories made a new; the reconciliation of families and friends; the true meaning of giving and sharing — These are all very precious parts of a happy, joy-filled life and it can and will happen… when we are Home for the Holidays.

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