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How Can Physical Therapy Help Me?

Did you know that many diseases, musculoskeletal injuries, and the results of the normal aging process, may actually have a mechanical root cause?  Meaning that the way you habitually move and use your body contributes to your painful joints, your osteoporosis, your muscle tightness, your pelvic floor disorder, your inflamed tendons and even your cardiovascular disease.  The great news is, that by changing the way you move, you can start healing your injuries and diminish the progression of many diseases.

The purpose of physical therapy at Prema Belly is to discover the mechanical cause of your issue.  This is an investigative process that reveals the key problems in the way you use your body.  It assesses your skeletal alignment, muscle activation patterns and biomechanics.  Often times inappropriate skeletal alignment and non-natural movement (sitting, slouching, driving), leads to abnormal muscle utilization, increased joint stress and ultimately more wear and tear on your body.  Unfortunately you may not be aware of how your body is functioning inappropriately until an injury surfaces.

Becoming aware of how you are currently utilizing your body is the next step to treatment.  This entails learning tools to become aware of your body throughout daily activities; as well as understanding the specific ways your body incorrectly functions.  Treatment is then focused on obtaining the appropriate skeletal alignment, restoring the natural length of your muscles, and learning how to activate the appropriate muscles while relaxing the inappropriate muscles.  Prema Belly utilizes Pilates rehabilitation techniques on the mat, Reformer and Chair, as well as individualizing rehabilitation exercises to address your specific alignment and muscle activation issues.  This stage is challenging and requires the most commitment and trust of your body.  In addition, the performance and progression of these exercises, requires assistance to ensure that the correct muscles are being utilized and that the creation of new patterns is biologically optimal.

Finally you learn how to incorporate your new skeletal alignment and muscle patterns into your daily movements.  Treatment focuses on utilizing natural human movements to strengthen the muscle patterns that are most optimal for your body.  For example, you may learn how to squat like a child or walk with appropriate activation of your gluteal muscles.  Ultimately your journey of learning how to utilize your body in a healthy way is over and you begin to nourish your musculoskeletal system’s health with incorporating natural human movements into your day.

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