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How Painful is Your Diet?

Most people come to see me because they are feeling pain and they’d like it to go away.  Some great ways to decrease physical pain include chiropractic adjustments, massage, regular exercise, positive attitude and good posture.  Now I’d like to talk about another way to eliminate pain that may be the most important of all.

Stop eating it!

Everyone’s heard that “you are what you eat.”  While this statement is profoundly true, what is not so obvious is that pain can be a direct result of eating unhealthy foods.  While I have yet to see items at the grocery store called “Pain Cookies, Ouch Chips or Inflammation Crackers,” there are often whole aisles of products that should be labeled as such.  

What ingredients make a food painful?  In general, any product that comes in a plastic bag or a box (or both) is a “processed food” and is made with some type of vegetable seed oil (safflower, sunflower, corn, soy, canola).  While vegetables are great in their natural state and help to reduce pain when consumed regularly, vegetable seed oils are already rancid when the products hit the shelves and are comprised of Omega 6 fatty acids.  The problem with Omega 6 fatty acids is that they are direct precursors to chemicals which cause inflammation and pain in the body and unfortunately, the modern American diet is loaded with them.   

There is another ingredient in the Standard American Diet (SAD) that is the undisputed “King of Pain,” and that is refined sugar.  While all plant foods contain some form of sugar and it is one of our body’s key energy sources, the problems and pain begin when we eat it in artificially concentrated amounts, isolated from the healthy packaging of water, fiber, and micronutrients that Nature provides.  Refined sugar (aka white/brown sugar, maple syrup, agave syrup, corn syrup, honey, raw cane juice crystals, coconut sugar & fruit juice) causes widespread inflammation and pain by destroying essential proteins throughout the body.  Essentially, it disables the immune system and trashes the digestive tract (even if it is “organic”).  

If you are in pain, I recommend that you take a good look at the foods you eat as they may be inflaming your condition.  Remember, there is no treatment more effective or affordable than simply avoiding “painful foods.”

[If you have questions about the pain content in specific foods, feel free to email me at]

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