How Travel Impacts my Passion for Teaching

“I awoke at 3am Bangkok time to the fireworks exploding in celebration of the King’s birthday.  The stickiness of the air grips my skin as I hear the puttering of tuk-tuks in the street down below.  I am still trying to adjust to the shift in time.  I suppose the one hour nap that happened to turn into a five hour nap didn’t help.

On my flight, I found myself oddly nervous and apprehensive.  The prospect of making my way through a country where I didn’t speak the language or understand the script was intimidating, even though I had been able to navigate through Thailand on my own in the past.

After a restless night’s sleep, I woke and walked to Bangkok’s Wat Po temple, where I received a 1.5 hour traditional Thai massage and then a 45 minute foot reflexology session.  My therapist, Neet, pressed and stretched both the jet lag and much of my travel apprehension away.  The swishing of the ceiling fans mixed with the melodic Thai language and was the only music I needed in the room.  I was once again enchanted by the walking poetry of sounds and sights that both travels and Thailand offered to me.”

I wrote this journal entry in 2002, on my second trip to Thailand when I returned to deepen my studies in Thai Massage and pursue my teaching certification.  Although it has been over a decade since I wrote those words, I still find myself impassioned and humbled by so many of the various healing arts traditions I have learned during my travels abroad.

I realize that many therapists do not have the opportunity to travel abroad and learn more exotic techniques in the country in which they originated, so it is an honor to be able to share what I have learned in my travels around the world with fellow healing arts practitioners.

If you are interested in experiencing some unique and creative bodywork techniques, I invite you to participate in one of my upcoming continuing education classes inspired by my trips around the globe. Primary Influences will include Thai massage, Esalen studies, Cranial Sacral, Structural Integration, Osteo-Thai, Myofascial Release, Muscle Energy Techniques and Tibetan massage.

“Around the Table, Around the World – Tour 1” – April 5 & 6 in Ashland, OR
“The Magic of Side-Lying Massage” – May 3 & 4 in Ashland, OR
“Thai Massage for the Table” – May 17 & 18 in Bend, OR
“Around the Table, Around the World – Tour II” – July 19 & 20 in Ashland, OR
“Thai Massage for the Table” – Sept 13 & 14 in Medford, OR

Please visit or call Sheila Shrum at 541-497-0717 for more information.