How We Utilize Chiropractic at Animal Medical Hospital

Chiropractic care is an integral treatment for pain and dysfunction at Animal Medical Hospital. We may use chiropractics alone or often in conjunction with other treatment modalities to both relieve suffering and improve the quality of life and function of your
beloved pet.

Spinal and joint adjustment can be used to either treat an initial problem or resolve a secondary problem that may arise from other medical or surgical treatment or chronic disease. Here are just a couple examples of the usefulness of chiropractic treatment. A pet may be seen in our office for primary back or neck pain that is recurring or is responding poorly to medical treatment. A thorough adjustment can often be instrumental in eliminating or reducing the discomfort your pet is experiencing.

In another example, a pet may be brought in for what may appear to be a flare-up of a chronic arthritic elbow that has been an ongoing issue. We may find the pet actually has a sore neck causing the flare-up in pain. The sore neck may have occurred due to the favoring of the front leg which threw the vertebrae of the neck out of alignment. Adjustment of the neck vertebrae will eliminate the neck pain and return your pet to happy, pain-free function.

In a third example, we commonly see pets that have been diagnosed with hip dysplasia which is an arthritic aging condition of the hip joints. The pet’s pain may appear to the owner to be coming from their hips. In actuality, many of these pets have significant lower back pain that is much more intense than their hip discomfort. The back pain occurs secondarily to reduced range of motion in the hip joints. Since the dogs have lost hip flexibility, they compensate by over-use of their lumbosaral joint (lower back), causing possible misalignment, injury and pain. The hip discomfort is often easily and successfully treated with medication but those medications often do not help the dogs with their lower back pain to the same extent.

Chiropractic manipulation and adjustment of the region can be instrumental in relieving lower back pain. A combination of both medical and chiropractic treatment together complement each other in returning your pet to good health, good function, comfort and ease.