Hungry for Change: Food, Ethics and Sustainability – A Special Discussion Course from Northwest Earth Institute Held at Ashland Food Co-op’s Classroom

We are what we eat. We create ourselves by what we choose to feed ourselves. Our food choices affect ecosystem health, how harvesters and factory workers are treated, the health of farm workers, which foods are grown and sold, how humanely animals are treated, and even how much carbon dioxide and methane are released into the atmosphere. Hungry for Change: Food, Ethics and Sustainability explores the interconnections of our food systems and our relationship to and responsibility in these systems. This course challenges us all to look at our roles as not only as consumers of food, but also as creators — of food, of systems, and of the world we live in.

Six weekly discussion sessions of Hungry for Change offer an opportunity to dig deeper into the complex issues surrounding food. Each session includes readings, questions for the group, a “Putting It into Practice” list of suggested actions and “Further Readings and Resources.” The course also includes weekly Action Plans to guide you in making change. Each week, group members will choose one action from their Action Plans to implement during the following week.

Meet the Instructor: Tamara Houston

Tamara is a native Oregonian, born and raised in Bend. She first learned about the Northwest Earth Institute (NWEI) while working at Reed College in Portland, where she participated in two discussion courses. Attending these courses opened her eyes to how daily choices – and small changes – can reduce ones environmental footprint. Returning full circle, Tamara will be the facilitator for this discussion course.

Six Sessions of Hungry for Change

Wednesdays, May 20 – July 1, 7-8:30pm

Co-op Classroom at 300 N. Pioneer St. in Ashland

Class limited to 12 individuals

Class fee of $27 covers the cost of a workbook, which will be distributed at the first meeting.

Reserve your spot at the Co-op Information Desk or call 541-482-2237

Questions? Contact Gretchen Phillips at 541-552-5454