I know if I got one good night’s sleep I’d feel so much better!!!

Why is our society so sleep deprived? In looking at literature on the subject, there are many reasons, such as our fast paced technological world, electronics, alcohol, caffeine and drugs to name a few.

Sleep is so important and it’s linked to major health issues such as hypertension, elevated cardiovascular risks, and emotional disorders. When we can’t sleep we can’t function well at our jobs and we have a hard time being emotionally available for our loved ones. We get cranky!!! For many of us, medication isn’t the answer.

There are things we can do to help ourselves sleep: limit late night snacking; refrain from caffeine, alcohol and Facebooking in bed. Don’t watch action flicks at night. Treat yourself like a child – take a warm bath, have a bedtime routine. And for many folks, that still doesn’t do it.

Brain State Technologies, the parent company to Ashland Brain Harmony, completed a formal clinical research project with Wake Forest Medical University on the effects of Brainwave Optimization and Insomnia last year. Published in peer reviewed journals, 100% of those in the study reported dramatically improved sleep. The control group was then given the same Brainwave Optimization and also reported 100% improvement! When our high frequencies are too active in the back of the brain it’s hard to shut off the chattering monkey mind. When our brain slows down, we relax and everything is easier – restful sleep is natural and easy.

You can watch a short video with Dr. Tegeler at Wake Forest Medical School: (you can also find other wonderful testimonial videos on YouTube or Vimeo—search for “Brainwave Optimization”)

So, if you are sleep deprived from life’s challenges, or are trying to sleep next to someone who tosses and turns, come in for a free consultation about how Brainwave Optimization can help you sleep better and feel more relaxed. It’s helped so many.

Boy, have I enjoyed my new sleep pattern. I think I have had only five nights with insomnia since January. Where I was averaging three or four nights a week before. That’s so dramatic. I know the sleep alone has improved my overall health an out look on life. My balance has shown improvement which is noticeably in my Pilates class.

May, 2013, R.G., Central Point, Oregon

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