In Praise of Electric Bikes…Again!

For nine years now I’ve been giving you good reason, from my perspective, for investing in an electric bike for yourself and your household. Environmental stewardship, health benefits, and loads of fun are at the heart of the matter. Of course, you would expect to hear these ideas from me. After all, this is my passion, my ‘rice bowl’, my dharma. Rather than pontificating about these things yet again I thought I’d let some of my happy customers share their enthusiasm for their bikes with you. I hope you find resonance with their stories. Here we go:

“At 59, I just don’t have the energy to go as far as my ‘biking eyes’ want to take me! My favorite biking activities are errand running around town, camping off-road in the wilderness, circumnavigating remote lake trails, and biking through small towns when I travel. He showed me a great bike that he described as a combination bike that would perform well both on streets and dirt trails. Yesterday I took it for my first 20 mile bike ride ever! I pedaled until tired and throttled my way up hills. It was a blast! This may be the revival you need to change your life and level of adventure. Do it!”

“I bought an electric bike from Jerry last year and I have to say it really improved the quality of my life more than I expected! Having lived in the hills of Ashland for years I found I just wasn’t inspired to ride a bike to work, as going back up at the end of the day wasn’t my idea of fun. The bike certainly assists with that and it makes the trip more enjoyable. There’s a couple of other things I didn’t expect: I’m a person who is in good shape and has no problem with riding a bike around, enjoying the exercise, and thought maybe the electric boost would make me a bit lazier. Instead, the electric bike really assists in terms of my time frame. I can now get across the entire town in less than half the time and I’ve found myself using my car less and less because of that. Another unexpected benefit was that my 17 year old uses it when I don’t, to get to his work, school, and around town. The amount of money I’ve saved in deferring his want and need for a car certainly has paid for the bike by now!”

So, it may not be ideal riding conditions right now as you read this, but remember; purchasing an electric bike is a long term investment that will keep delivering returns far beyond the vagaries of this winter. Come see us on a sunny day, check out all the bikes, and take a few test rides. I know you’ll come back grinning from ear to ear. Happy Holidays!