The Invincibility Series

Invincible & Extraordinary is the New & Authentic Ordinary!

Testimonials are a beautiful way of showing what our Invincibilites, the invincibility students, think and how they appreciate the “work”.

Dear Aneeahseah,
Thank you for your remarkable love, your steadfast powerful focus on LIFE and your great leadership.  I love you!  Thank for you for the remarkable Mastermind and the Light it shines!
C., New York, NY

Hi Aneeahseah,
After setting a goal when working with you during the one day seminar, I want to say thank you for everything: I recently had the experience of being informed about a series of jobs by people who don’t hire me anymore, so my initial reaction was that it’s all very nice, but…Utilizing the Invincibility Series work, I got over that invalid belief system and sent an email and was given three days work!  What a win in this economy and with my past experiences! I liken that experience to your retreats when it is time to say our success statements in front of everyone, “You don’t have to do this.”  I know I can be my (conditioned) self and hide, but I do it anyway.  And, boy, oh boy, do I ever win!  And again, another win! I have many years of working with these folks and others and anyone knows, baggage accumulates.  Due to our studies together, lately I have been working without that baggage as something that runs me.  I get lessons every day about how nice people really are. So I wanted to thank you for allowing me to change my DNA!

V. M., New Jersey

Dear Aneeahseah,

I am sending tremendous gratitude to you and for the amazing Invincibility Series.  I am also emailing to share an Invincibility Series success story that is so wonderful! I have been working focusing my Virtual Village on thriving my businesses with specific daily and weekly goals and I am getting specific successes! I am creating my goals, utilizing the Invincibility Series practices and am amazing myself with the huge wins I am having going way beyond the mere quantity of having successfully met all my goals, but the quality of life I also get to enjoy along the way! Thank you with all my heart for this amazing work, your awesome patience and your generous love!  I am honored to have the opportunity to be a member of the Invincible Heart team.

With love, love, love
Shoshana, Ashland, OR

Dear Aneeahseah,

Thank you as always for your superb level of commitment to uplifting your students and the world!  You are so inspiring and the Invincibility Series work, in all its forms, is so available that I can reach out and choose from among so many brilliant tools to accomplish all I want to and commit to. Thank you thank you thank you!

In love and appreciation,
Jo Ann, Ashland, OR

If you would like to discover your own reason to give great testimonials. . .

Our website is full of our upcoming events and opportunities to enjoy the remarkable benefits of the Invincibility Series including:
•        Got Freed-Aum? One Day Seminar, Ashland Library, Ashland.  November 10th 2013
•        Monthly Ongoing Teleconferences
•        Got Freed-Om? 12 month program of progressive Invincibility Series trainings-1 day per month 2014
•        Private Sessions
•        Key Note Speaking engagements
•        Open access to questions, prayer requests & testimonials
•        Monthly column here, in Locals Guide, giving continuing education to those interested in more Invincibility


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