The Invincibility Series

Invincible Heart Traditions, LLC Presents: The Invincibility Series

Greetings everyone. . . it’s Testimonial time again:  From me to you, LocalsGuide and from my students to me, expressing their joy in breakthroughs:

I recently celebrated my 2nd interview at the conclusion of my first year advertising with the LocalsGuide.  Immediately my local community members began telling me that they saw and really enjoyed my interview.  In addition, at our one-day workshop, Dreams to Destiny, we enjoyed 40% new student attendance with 50% of those students registering for many ongoing programs with the Invincibility Series.  Well-done Shields!  Your keen insights, abilities and the medium of the printed page are good working allies for we small business owners! Thank you.

Now from a student to me:

“The Invincibility Series OII to JOY (Outcome Is Intent to Joyously Owning Yourself) teaches me that I am my own master and not a victim.  This has had remarkable results in my life. I know through experience that this truth brings me freedom.   At times I have resisted this core practice sometimes disbelieving it, sometimes preferring to be lazy, sometimes just plain choosing to be a victim!  Here’s what happened when I welcomed this truth today:  There I was at work, waiting for clients to appear but alas, no clients.  I knew, in the arms of this wonderful work, that any lack of clients was of my own creation, therefore the answer resided within me.  And, Lo and behold, as I looked at that truth I was fine! I was feeling good & serene.  My inner voice came through loud and clear, “You created it, you can un-create it.”  I was happy with the situation, happy with myself and happy with the sure knowledge that I can have all I want.  Any choice I make is fine and this is a grand opportunity to do my OII to Joy intercession!  I have learned that when I have negative feelings inside me, I attract just that to me! Thank you for the Gift of this work and my ensuing awakenings filling me with love for myself!”  

-SL, Talent

I have to say, the loving testimonials I receive daily from my satisfied students are such a gift!  I am, they are, we are together, so Blessed!  What a perfect balance, the circle of life, giving, loving, receiving, loving, appreciating, loving. . . and so it goes in the world of Invincibility Series!!!

Peace to One and All at this very pivotal evolutionary time upon our planet!


Aneeahseah Adalayah Statile

CEO & Founder

Invincible Heart Traditions, LLC

Invincibility Series

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