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It’s Good to be Green

A few words from salon owner and master stylist Susan Zastoupil:

It has been my experience that most hairstylists are kind-hearted, compassionate, and creative individuals. So it made complete sense to align with a company that “cares for the world we live in” and strives to set an example for responsible environmental leadership in the salon industry.
Ten years ago, I was already a “seasoned” stylist when I was introduced to AVEDA products, their mission statement and other individuals, like myself, who resonated with AVEDA’s mission.
When I had the opportunity to open a salon myself it just seemed natural fit to open an AVEDA salon in Ashland. It’s not hard to follow your heart in Ashland; I have found this community to be supportive and accepting. When Shelley Lotz came into our salon with a few questions about the business’s mission, it was easy to talk to her about what is important to me; taking care of the people, the community, and the world we live in.
Please check out Shelley Lotz book, “Green Spas and Salons” and make sure you do not miss chapter four page forty!
Our green business statement is “We are committed to providing personal care, services, and beauty products that reflects responsibility and integrity on an individual, environmental, and professional level.”
Sustainability is important to Be Cherished because “we care for the world we live in, using our natural resources with responsibility and integrity.” Our sustainability goals are “to continue to reduce our waste and water use.” “The inherit nature of using resources such as water and products in the salon” makes achieving our goals a daily focus, but thankfully all staff members are fully onboard with our mission to creating a more sustainable business.
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Be Cherished Salon

Ashland's premier AVEDA Retail Store & Salon “Be Cherished” is committed to providing personal care, services and beauty products that reflect responsibility and integrity on an individual, environmental and professional level.

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