It’s Not Just About Sore Feet

After visiting the East Coast this summer, I noticed several things that contrasted greatly with my home in the Rogue Valley. One was how old the buildings were. Many huge structures from the 18th century were still standing strong.

On the other hand, one similarity was the universal complaint about sore feet. Having custom orthotic shoes and sandals saved me. But they do much more than just keep feet from hurting.

Imagine a 200-year-old, four-story stone building and what an immense foundation it required. Now imagine the havoc that an uneven foundation would cause. The whole building would be thrown off and certainly wouldn’t have lasted as long.

Our feet form the foundation for our bodies. If they aren’t functioning correctly, the mechanics of walking and standing are compromised, possibly amplifying the stress on our ankles, knees, hips, back and neck.

If the Leaning Tower of Pisa could talk, it would say “Ouch.” Those pinched sections on its short side are crushing on each other while the other side is stretching uncomfortably. Can you empathize?

One healthy young athlete Dr. John examined was complaining of sore knees. It turned out not to be her knees at all, but a small bit of over-pronation in her left ankle. That made her left calf turn in too far, twisting her knee. After 5000 foot-strikes per mile, her triathlon races were making her young knees hurt. The correct diagnosis produced a simple solution: custom orthotics that corrected the pronation and the knee pain.

Yet, not all custom orthotics are created equally. In the past, a cast was made of the foot while standing still. This left out all the information of how your weight travels through your foot.

The search for more beneficial orthotics produced the Gait Scan machine at use in our office.

A highly sensitive mat is linked to a computer screen, which reads how each foot strikes the mat, rolls forward, and lifts off. From this scientific reading, an accurate orthotic can be made.

In the hands of a professional who understands the mechanics of the human body, the Gait Scan is a valuable tool in the quest for a solid foundation in your health.