Let Us Now Praise Wolves

Look up at Grizzly Peak.

In June, a wolf killed at least two goats and a sheep just across that ridge. The perpetrator, OR33, a lone male, seems to have headed back to high country.

Of course we regret loss of livestock. At the same time, we should honor the livestock owners who chose to stay anonymous and, significantly, did not demand revenge.

The farmers and ranchers involved in this incident apparently understand something that the rest of us should appreciate: We live in or near a relatively intact ecosystem. Much of Southern Oregon is covered by a biological mosaic that includes a vast array of flora and fauna from subterranean microorganisms and tall trees to top predators…such as wolves.

In a world of burning rainforests and sprawling megacities, of rising oceans and record temperatures, have you considered how lucky we are to have wolves as neighbors?

For this, we can than Governor Tom McCall, who fostered the creation of land use laws that protect much of Oregon from subdivision and development.

We can also thank President Bill Clinton, who signed a proclamation in June, 2000, creating the Cascade-Siskiyou National Monument and providing a higher level of protection to a big chunk of our precious Noah’s Ark of biological diversity.

It’s a privilege to live in a state that protects wilderness and biodiversity. It’s also smart. Visitors from those megacities come to gaze in wonder at what we have preserved. Some of the very smart ones come to stay, floating our economic ship as they sell their intellectual wares back to the developed world.

  • Recently, our two US Senators, Jeff Merkley and Ron Wyden, urged Interior Secretary Sally Jewell “…to come to Oregon and hold a public meeting and consider expanding the boundaries of the Monument.” ?

The window for expanding our Cascade-Siskiyou National Monument is open now but it will close again, perhaps for eight or more years, when Barack Obama leaves office on January 20. If you want see a good thing get better, now is the time to raise your voice.

Write to Barack Obama. Share your thoughts via the establishment media. Or just howl like a wolf.