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Life Drawing Open Studio Wed 10:30am—12:30 pm Sept 9—Dec 16

Life Drawing Open Studio   Wed 10:30am—12:30 pm  Sept 9—Dec 16                                                                                                           

Every Wednesday, join other adult artists for an uninstructed, 2-hour open studio session with a live model. Warm up with short poses, with a series of longer 20 minute poses to follow. Save by purchasing a 6-visit punchcard.  NO CLASS Nov 25                                                                                                            

COST: $10 / visit  OR   $55/ 6-visit punchcard   Ages 18+  All Skill Levels   Students Bring Materials 


Printmaking Open Studio  Tues 1-5 pm  Sept 8– Dec 15                                                                                                                                

Use the gallery presses for personal projects, or  to learn printmaking with the help of our instructor, Walt Padgett. Attend all the classes in any month to learn block printing, solar plate, lino-cut, wood-engraving, or monoprinting. Open to all students, whether professional printmaker or a beginner.  NO CLASS Nov 24                                               

 COST: $20 / visit  OR  $70/month    Ages 18+    All Skill Levels    Students Bring Materials 


Encaustic Monoprinting    Sat & Sun 10-4    Sept 19 & 20

In this extremely rare workshop with Portland artist Elise Wagner, students will learn to monoprint using plexiglass plates with a wax relief surface. Saturday, students will learn the basics of encaustics (wax) from Elise (an outstanding artist in the field of encaustics, and has her own line of encaustic products) to learn all the basic rudiments of encaustic history, tools, application methods, fusing inlays, and incising lines. On Sunday, master printmaker Nancy Jo Mullen will join Elise  to teach students to ink their wax relief plates, and run them through the press  to create stunning and unique monoprints.                                                                                                                           COST: $180 members $200 non  (+$15 materials fee)    Ages 18+    All Skill Levels


Solarplate Printmaking  Sat 9-5, Sun 9-5 & Mon8:30-1        Oct 3,4,&5

This is a rare opportunity to learn solarplate printmaking from the originator of the process and author of Printmaking in the Sun, Dan Welden. Solarplates ,a breakthrough for printmakers, are a photo-sensitive polymer plate which can be developed in light (even sunlight) and developed in tap water. The plates can be worked on directly, or used with film to create a photo-etching from almost any image. COST: $350 members $370 non  Some materials included/ List provided  Ages 18+  All Skill Levels


Focus On Color” Watercolor  Oct 24 & 25  Sat 1-5:30 & Sun 10-4 Watercolorists can use strong color too! Join Portland Area  artist Ruth Armitage to delve into color and how to use it. This class will look at master artists’ use of color, and analyze hints, tones, shades, and pure color. Students will learn about color relationships, transparent and opaque mediums, intuitive color vs. local color, developing a personal palette, value, temperature patterns, and much more. Some experience helpful, but not required                                                                                                                                           COST: $175 members $195 non-members Materials List Provided  Ages 18+  


Figure Drawing Workshop Oct 17 & 18  Sat 1-6  Sun 10-5

A two-day workshop, with Bend artist Ken Roth,  focused on drawing from the live model, with an emphasis on mass, tone, gesture and line.  A variety of mediums will be used to explore expressive depiction of the human figure. Ken can advise on how to translate those sketches into paintings.
COST: $180 members $195 non-members (+$20 model fee) Ages 18+ All Skill Levels  Materials Li 


Welding for Artists 

Beginning Welding  Nov 14 & 15, 21&22   Sat & Sun 10-5                                                               This class will be held off-site, at the welding studio of metal artist Brian Tortora, in Talent. This class is an introduction to the theory and practice of welding, focusing on hands-on use of welding equipment. Students will learn basic safety, cutting and grinding, bending, welding & polishing metal, using arc-welding, plasma, oxy-acetylene, and other metal techniques. Each student will build their own pre-set 3D sculpture based on Archimedes Solids : one wire frame, and one solid dimensional piece. Ages 18+ no experience necessaryCOST: $ 200 members $220 non-members (+$90 materials fee)  Safety Equipment List Provided

Intermediate Welding Nov 27, 28, 29 Dec 5&6  Fri, Sat, Sun & Sat, Sun 10-5                                           Participants will work in the private welding shop of Owl Arts, under the direction of 12-year sculptor/fabricator Brian Tortora. Students will learn to conceptualize their own sculpture, build a model, purchase materials and weld their project from start to finish in a group environment. For this project students create their own highly polished work of art that fits together in a group sculpture. (i.e. each student has a piece of the sculpture to take home, but all the pieces come together to create one larger sculpture). Focus will be placed on creativity, solving structural problems, polishing and finishing to a high degree of perfection and working within a group.Ages 18+ Beginning Welding Class with Brian Tortora pre-requisite  COST: $250 members  $275 non-members (+ $100 materials fee)


AFFORDABLE INSPIRATIONS-Affordable, one-day workshops designed to enrich the participant with knowledge and technique, while providing materials and instruction from an experienced, professional artist to create quality items which can be given as holiday gifts—the classes themselves also make a great gift-contact us for details

Photo-Transfer onto Cloth   October 11th Saturday 9:30am—4:30pm   Learn, from fabric and print artist Mickie McCormic,  to inkjet transfer an image onto prepared cloth, to make the face of a lovely art doll, which you can complete at home. Also, learn inkjet printing technique to transfer images (even collage family photos) onto cloth to make a custom gift pillow, or to make fabric squares for a mini photo-image quilt.  Limit 8 students– so register early!  Ages 16+ Some sewing experience helpful, but not required  COST: $60 members $70 non-members (+$13 materials fee)


Silkscreen Printing November 7th Saturday 10am-3pm     Learn to silkscreen print onto fabric from Jess Gleasman, owner and operator of Basement Ink in Ashland, and create a small edition of  up to 10 gift items with your own design as an image. Participants will learn to transfer an image of their own design onto film, burn that image onto a screen, and print the image using silk screening inks and tools, and then to cure each item. Limit 4 students—so register early! Ages 16+ no experience necessaryCOST: $60 members $70 non-members (+$30 materials fee) (Students provide items to print on)


Kaleidoscopes November 14th Saturday 1-3 pm     Create your very own distinctive , quality, 10” Kaleidoscope which can be given as a holiday gift, while learning the basics of safety and assemblage from artist Lisa Ameijide. Students are encouraged to bring translucent items such as beads, novelties, or broken toy parts to incorporate in order to customize your kaleidoscope Ages 16+ all skill levels  COST: $ 25 members $35 non-members (+$10 materials ) 


Precious Metal Clay Jewelry Making  November 15th Sunday 1-5pm    Participants will learn the basics of working with Precious Metal Clay (PMC) which is malleable and workable like clay, but can be fired to create fine silver jewelry, while making a set of earrings or a pendant by selecting from the instructor Kirsten Bakke’s selection of shapes  to cut, and textures for stamping, then fire and finish to create a beautiful custom piece of jewelry to give or wear. Ages 18+ All Skill Levels  COST: $50 members $60 non-members (+$30 materials) 


Bookbinding for Families November 21 Saturday 10am—2 pm  A class for kids and their parents( or grandparents) , to learn simple bookbinding techniques from Mary Wilkins Kelly  while creating a custom garden journals, photo albums, sketch book, refillable post-it notebooks, and notebooks for holiday gift-giving. Kids and teens  10 to 17 are welcome to attend this workshop on their own, kids ages 7-9 will require a parent or grandparent to accompany them. No experience necessary COST: $50 members $60 non-members (+$15 materials) OR  $75 member parent/child team $85 non-member parent/child team ($15 materials per person) 


Collage & Image Transfer Ornaments & Art December 5th  Saturday 1—5 pm       Learn professional collage and image transfer techniques onto wooden surfaces and shapes , while creating a small piece of artwork, and/or unique ornaments to give as holiday gifts. Learn techniques to create quality custom collages, and sealing techniques to make your artwork archival, as well as techniques of layering and painting to create depth from experienced collage artist, and West Coast workshop instructor, Karen OBrien. Ages 16+ All Skill Levels  COST: $40 members $50 non-members (+$17 materials)


Weaving for Kids  December 12th  Saturday 1-4 pm   A day of weaving holiday gifts for kids with instructor Eva Fawcett. Participants will learn to make simple looms, and create woven objects such as small gods-eye ornaments, chain scarves, recycled plastic crocheted items, i-pod pockets, change purses, and more . Students will be able to take home unfinished projects to complete and looms to continue to use.     Ages 7-13 pre-registration required  COST: $35 members $40 non-members (+8 materials) 








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