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A cold water reward, South Beach PointLocals Adventure Guide

With Tim and Kati Case from Case Coffee Co.

Our corner of the world is a beautiful and exciting place to live. From the snow capped peaks wrapping around our green valley, to the nearby Pacific carving out some of the most breathtaking coastlines of North America, we have it all. In literally one day you could have a morningg surf session on some glassy waves, and then snowboard some Siskiyou powder. With our close accesibilty to the coast, mountians, lakes, and rivers, the adventure possibilities are endless. Always out to find a new and exciting experience, we would like to share some fun ideas for those of you wanting to go enjoy the pure fun of our world.

Over the past four years, surfing has become one of our biggest passions. If you have never tried surfing, South Beach in Crescent City is a great plave to start. Simply head north on I-5, take the first Grants Pass exit, and continue straight until you reach Crescent City, CA. The drive is gorgeous, and takes about an two hours. Just south of town on Highway 1 is a long stretch of beach called South Beach, the most popular surfing beach in Northern CA. If you don’t have your own gear, Noll Surf Shop is located on the left as you go through downtown heading south. You can rent a soft longboard for $10 a day, and can also rent a wetsuit (a must) for the same price. Late Winter clear through early Fall is the best time for surfing, being more prone to cleaner, smaller swells and sunnier skies. Before planning your surfing adventure, make sure to check the weather (try magicseaweed.com) for the wind and sea state.

Over the last decade, there has been a surge in the surfing population along the Northern CA and Oregon coasts. Trying to escape the overcrowding in Southern CA, more and more surfers are suiting up in full wetsuits, hoods, booties and gloves to brave the sometimes fridgid waters. The reward for this dedication can be fantastic, bringing uncrowded, scenic, and often epic sessions. Surf shop owners and local surfers scattered along this stretch of coast have worked hard to maintain a positive vibe for these gorgeous beaches. Mellow and friendly is the best way to describe the scene, and that is the best way to conduct yourself an the beach and in the water. It’s all about spreading good vibes, catching some waves and simply enjoying our beautiful world.

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