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Love Sauvignon Blanc? Try White Bordeaux

The grapes of White Bordeaux include Sauvignon Blanc, Semillon and Muscadelle. There are a few other less-known varieties used in White Bordeaux such as Colombard and Ugni Blanc (the grape used in Cognac), but most White Bordeaux are made of Semillon and Sauvignon Blanc.

Bordeaux, France is where Sauvignon Blanc originated and it’s very old, a genetic cross of Sauvignon Blanc and Cabernet Franc that occurred sometime during the 1600?s.  There are two major styles of White Bordeaux: Light & Fruity or Rich & Creamy.  Light & Fruity styles make up the majority of White Bordeaux and are generally less expensive.  Rich & Creamy White Bordeaux wines are made in a specific region (Pessac-Leognan) and tend to be expensive.   With the light & fruity Bordeaux, expect big flavors and aromas of citrus, grapefruit, lemon, gooseberry and lime along with grass, freshly-wet concrete, honey, passionfruit and honeysuckle flower.

If there’s basil, lime, avocado or garlic in your food, you will enjoy a bottle of White Bordeaux.  Of all the Sauvignon Blancs in the world, White Bordeaux tends to be more citrus and floral vs. grassy and herbal. The acidity is not as high as Pouilly-Fumé (a Sauvignon Blanc from the Loire Valley) and the flavor is not as tropical or peachy as California Sauvignon Blanc. Remember to be careful pairing White Bordeaux with overly acidic foods that will overshadow the wine.
Food Pairing Ideas:
  • Asparagus Risotto
  • Angel Hair Pasta with Basil Pesto
  • Yellowtail Sushi with Avocado
BEST BUY:  Les Hauts de Lagarde 2011 Bordeaux.  The dominance of Sauvignon Blanc reveals intense flavors of white flowers, citrus & white fruits.  While in the mouth the Semillon brings roundness, volume and richness with pleasant notes of citrus fruits.  A fine liveliness leads to a great finale.  Organic & suitable for vegans.  $14.95


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