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Love Your Life. It’s 2014. It’s Time.

Our logo says “Change Your Brain – Love Your Life.”  It sounds good.  What does it mean?

With the holidays behind us, early spring is a great time to reflect:  What is important to me?  What really matters in my life?  What do I do that really makes a difference?  How can I live my life more fully so that at the end of each day I go to bed with a satisfied feeling that I did my best, made good choices and don’t have regrets?

The good news is – it’s an inside job.  Our conditioning tells us that we need something more or different than what we have.  I don’t know anyone who doesn’t think, “I need more money.” or “I need more time.” — it goes on – more friends, a relationship or better relationship, improved health and energy, a better looking and feeling body; I need to know my life purpose, I need spiritual guidance, I need to move, I need a better job.

At age 42, Lester Levenson was sent home by his doctors with only a couple of weeks to live.  With his back against the wall and nothing to lose he went inside and investigated his life and what he knew.  He had made millions of dollars and had been an outward success.  He asked himself — what really made me happy in my life?  He discovered it was when he was loving.  Not when someone was loving him or when he achieved his goals or made a lot of money.  It was when he had the simple experience of loving.  Period.  Knowing he was dying he focused around the clock on cultivating this feeling of love and releasing judgments and resistance to life.  In three months Lester underwent a profound transformation.  He lived 42 more years and never went back to a medical doctor for treatment.  He went on to become a profound spiritual teacher.  (For a more detailed account:

What do we all want?  Happiness.  Everything we do or pursue is because we think it will bring us more happiness, peace, security and well being.

So how does this all relate to Ashland Brain Harmony and the advanced Neuro-Technologies we offer?  What is this thing called “brain training” or “brainwave optimization?”

Do your research and you will find that tens of thousands of people have had life changing benefits from neurofeedback technologies.

This year give yourself the gift of a well functioning brain that supports you in all aspects of living a rich and fulfilling life.  Experience more of the happiness, peace and well being you deserve.

Give yourself the gift of Loving Your Life.  Call us today for a complimentary consultation or book a one hour neural massage to experience for yourself this life changing technology.

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