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Magnesium—Modern-day Snake Oil?

That is what I thought when a patient began to tell me all the benefits of adding magnesium to the diet. He had experienced relief from joint and organ pain, mental confusion, and trouble sleeping. Then he left some samples of powdered magnesium.

It just so happened, I knew of two friends who were experiencing a host of unresolved health problems. In addition to blood tests, they’d had MRI’s and CT scans to determine the cause of body pain, headaches, sleeplessness, and extreme anxiety.

Magnesium is a naturally occurring substance in the diet, so what could it hurt? They tried the samples. In two days, ALL of their symptoms cleared up. Snake oil?

Not really. And it’s not magic. The fact is that most American diets are lacking magnesium. Every organ in the body needs magnesium to function properly, so when it’s missing, we feel the effects. In addition, more calcium is being prescribed than ever before. Calcium needs magnesium for absorption, so it will rob the organs of their magnesium supplies, causing malfunction and pain.

The answer is simple, and inexpensive. Recently, Dr. Roberts attended a seminar devoted to this very subject. Convinced of its efficacy, he carries ample supplies of magnesium supplements at Roberts Chiropractic. Next time you are in the office, ask Dr. Roberts if this is something you should try.

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