March Booth Blog: John’s Specialty Food Booth

February was a month of many changes for us! We welcomed a few new vendors and some vendors have even expanded (come see Mystical Union Boutique’s new extra roomy home). We also plan to say goodbye to one of our original vendors, Branson’s Chocolates. They have finally branched out into their own retail space across the street next to the Minute Market on Siskiyou Blvd. We are proud to have been a part of their journey over the past three years and wish them well! We will miss them!

One of our newest vendors comes to us from Brookings, bringing along picked vegetables among other tasty treats. I would like to introduce him to you!

John Hedding owned and operated John’s Fresh Produce and Specialty Food Store in Brookings for the past 28 years. He retired in 2006 but continued to sell his specialty pickled food items, olives, jams and salad dressings as a hobby. He found those products to be less demanding than fresh produce. He and his wife Gail, have recently relocated to Ashland, and at the urging of their son and daughter-in-law who told them about “a great place to display and sell my products,” they felt that the Emporium would be the perfect venue to continue his unique business. He stopped by the Emporium one day, met the friendly staff, and Ashland’s version of John’s Specialty Food store was created!

John’s booth is filled with many kinds of olives (unique styles such as lemon stuffed, hot and spicy, anchovy stuffed and more), pickled foods such as watermelon rind, okra, squash slices, salad dressings and a favorite on the coast – Candy Krisp jalapeños.  Spicy yet sweet, these are an easy “go-to” appetizer staple. Try them on a cracker with a bit of cream cheese to balance the sweet and spiciness. For extra accolades at your next gathering, top the jalapeño with a piece of smoked salmon for a special treat!

Stop by the Emporium and visit John’s Specialty Food booth today – booth #255.

You never know what’s in store!