Melody Miick-Hanna, #494

When you buy handmade you support a dream.

My name is Melody Miick-Hanna and I was born here, in beautiful Ashland. I love being apart of this community, and having a booth space at the Ashland Artisan Emporium has been a true joy in my life. I have long dreamed of sharing my art with others, and I now have that opportunity with a case of my handmade gemstone/glass jewelry on display. I have the good fortune of working at Looking Glass Beads and Jewelry downtown where I have access to amazing quality beads, and have learned to craft professional one-of-a-kind necklaces, earrings, and bracelets. I especially love to make hand knotted pieces, the technique is very meditative. It is a passion and a way of life for me. Jewelry is so personal and is something that tends to be passed down through families with much meaning and connection. It is an honor to have someone wear my art, to use it as a form of self expression, and carry their energy to whoever receives it next. 

I also focus on resale of unique glassware, vases, brand name clothing, and home decor in my booth. All of my items and materials are bought locally and most wares and clothing make great gifts that are under $20! I love the idea of them being passed along to new homes. Buying handmade and upcycled products supports not only my dreams, and other artisans at the emporium, but it is sustainable and positive for the environment and community. I appreciate the support from our wonderful town, and I look forward to bringing more fun and unique items to the booth for years to come! So please ask for booth #494 the next time you stop by!