Michelle Lewis, Vendor 381

BFA artist and floral designer, clothing lover extraordinaire, and lifelong gatherer of all things ornamental

My booth, 381, is literally jam-packed with unique items from the world of fashion.  You’ll find clothing, bags, purses, and seasonal necessities like outerwear, hoodies, pajamas and the like.  A fabric bin brimming with great fabric in small and large sizes can also be found tucked away among the clothing.  I have great brand names, and awesome vintage pieces in sizes and styles to meet every woman’s wardrobe needs. Mom and daughter can find something they must have every time they visit the store.  My ultimate goal is to unite people with that awesome piece of clothing that will become their new favorite thing to wear, and to do it at an incredible price!  Whatever you’re looking for, whether it’s a surprise new favorite, or a replacement for a basic wardrobe piece, # 381 is the booth to find both… and a new bag, scarf, or pair of shoes as well!  No matter your style, I’ve got you covered: classy-chic-trendy-retro.  No matter your size, I’ve got you covered: extra small to plus size. No matter your budget, I’ve got you covered with very budget friendly pricing.  No matter your age, I’ve got you covered, teens to grandparents.  April is going to be official dress month and I’m preparing to bring in hundreds of dresses.  Sundresses, prom dresses, work dresses, and just casual every day dresses! dresses! dresses! dresses!  And in May we’re going to follow dresses with a skirt month when you’ll be able to shop thru hundreds of skirts!  You don’t have to be a girl to like a skirt!