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Natural Fertility Network: A Different Approach to Fertility

The Natural Fertility Network (NFN) offers non-invasive therapies to optimize health prior to conception, customized to our clients’ individual needs. Better parent health leads to enhanced fertility, healthier pregnancies, easier deliveries, successful breast feeding, and ultimately bright, beautiful, vital babies. Parents-to-be have nothing to lose by choosing preconception care. It is safe and effective, accommodates individual budgets and time frames, and has many benefits to overall health.

Two Naturopaths, Dr. Bonnie Nedrow and Dr. Brigid Crowe, an Acupuncturist, Jenn Collins, a Maya Abdominal Massage Therapist, Laura Marinelli, and a Fertility Awareness Educator, Sarah Bly, have joined forces to offer women and their partners a collaborative, holistic approach to optimize fertility, tailored to the unique needs and challenges of people wanting to start a family. Clients have the choice to work with any or all of the five practitioners, and may also choose to work with the NFN collectively, where practitioners will share case perspectives and create an integrated treatment plan.

Who Would Benefit from Natural Fertility Support?

Individuals and couples seeking to enhance their fertility will benefit from the insights of these five women versed in supporting families in the childbearing years. Whether you have challenges becoming pregnant, have experienced recurrent miscarriages, or simply want to be in optimal health before you conceive, the Natural Fertility Network is here to help.

When people make the commitment to start a family, they often want to become pregnant immediately.  However, time and energy invested before conception will improve the health of the entire family. For some, conception comes easily, for others challenges arise. After 6-12 months an Infertility label is applied, and discussions of reproductive assistance begin to surface.

“I never considered we would have difficulty starting our family. My husband and I even went to great lengths to avoid pregnancy until we were ready. Sadly, once we were prepared it did not go according to plan. This unexpected delay left me feeling impatient, confused and depressed on good days…angry, damaged and hopeless on bad days. Most of all my infertility makes me feel afraid and powerless. The fear and unknowns cause me to lose my perspective, balance and in turn, myself. That is why the insightful intuition, compassion, and vision of Jenn Collins L.Ac, and Dr. Bonnie Nedrow, with the collective wisdom of their Natural Fertility Network, are so instrumental to my journey. They are helping me clear a path toward a healthier outlook and way of life. I have learned more about the inter-working of my body and its rhythms than I ever thought possible. I realize now that my situation is anything but hopeless, and that I am not alone in this struggle. I truly appreciate the depth of knowledge and concern these women have and continue to bestow on me through the care and services they provide with an open heart.”
NFN client

Before spending a fortune on advanced fertility treatments, consider the NFN for a less invasive and less expensive approach geared towards optimal health. Should you eventually opt for advanced fertility assistance procedures such as Intrauterine Insemination (IUI), or In-vitro Fertilization (IVF), modalities offered by NFN prior to and during treatment will increase your success.

The Natural Fertility Network Team

All five practitioners are thrilled to unite their individual approaches to preconception optimization and fertility enhancement in The Natural Fertility Network. They strongly believe that these modalities offer much more together than each can offer singly.

Acupuncturist Jenn Collins has successfully been treating fertility clients for over 12 years. Acupuncture has been shown to balance menstrual cycles, facilitate a thicker uterine lining, optimize ovarian function, and improve both sperm count and sperm motility in men.

Sarah Bly, a fertility awareness educator, offers women tools for tracking the physiological responses and signs of fertility.  By learning about their cycles and hormones, how they are expressed and how to track them, women are empowered in their experience and able to take a more active role in their reproductive health.

Naturopaths Dr. Brigid Crowe and Dr. Nedrow focus on the health and vitality of individuals, addressing imbalances and root causes of poor health. They help clients balance their wellness and find the least toxic therapies for any health conditions which require medications. Nutritional deficiencies, as well as personal toxic burden, are reviewed and treated as needed. The naturopaths also educate parents-to-be on creating a safe, chemical-free home for their family.

Laura Marinelli is a licensed massage therapist specializing in the Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapies®. This nurturing massage increases fertility in women and men by optimizing position of the uterus and abdominal organs for improved flow of blood, nerve, chi and lymph. Acidity, toxicity, scar tissue and trauma are cleared, promoting hormone balance, healthy uterine lining and decreased pelvic stagnation.

“My experience with the practitioners of the Fertility Network has been nothing but positive. They are knowledgeable, compassionate and skilled at their individual trades. In the world of fertility treatments, which can get overwhelming and discouraging after a while, the practitioners in this network offer a natural, sane, non-invasive and viable option for optimizing success.”
NFN client

How to Get Started

You have two general options to get started on your preconception care with The Natural Fertility Network. Please direct all confidential inquiries to Alternately, you can contact any of the practitioners at their private practice offices.

Jenn Collins, Acupuncturist (541) 482-1650
Dr. Brigid Crowe, Naturopath (541) 488-8858
Dr. Bonnie Nedrow, Naturopath (541) 488-8858
Sarah Bly, Fertility Awareness Educator (541) 821-2522
Laura Marinelli, Maya Abdominal Massage (541) 324-1450

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