Start A Neighborhood Tool Library

How it Works

  1. Establish a Network

Establish a group of people who are open to sharing tools either in your neighborhood or in the larger community. This can be through word of mouth, email or Facebook. 

  1. Inventory

Create a master document of the tools people are willing to lend or encourage participants to share their items on a Facebook group or an email list. 

  1. Expectations for borrowing

Create a document that lays out the rules for borrowing tools. This could include timely returns and caring for items borrowed. 

  1. Encourage creative ways to participate

Not everyone will have tools to share, so encourage other ways of participating. Maybe someone wants to share their freshly baked bread in return for the use of a lawn mower or another participant happy to baby sit. Opening the sharing to more than just tools allows more people to be a part of the community. 

Everybody Wins!

This mode of tool sharing helps to develop and build community while encouraging collaboration and participation.

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