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Well, now that we have all made our resolutions for 2018 and are hard at work on them, I’d like to share at little about Pattern Education India.  Lisa, who used to work as a dental hygienist at our office, decided to leave and go to India in 2016.  As some of you may remember, in 2016 we sponsored a “Charity of the Month”, with each month sponsoring a different cause in the area.  In 2017, we decided to focus on Pattern Education, a Seventh Day Adventist (Lisa’s religion) organization that provides service outreach projects to various areas throughout the world.  I received an email from Lisa a few days ago with photos from some of the projects that have been funded in part by these donations :^)

New bunk beds for the children at the Pattern Education India children.  It is so easy to take a soft, comfortable bed for granted.

Indian children hard at work taking exams in school – what a blessing and privilege education is!

Wood is in short supply in the village and so they have to cross a nearby river and transport the wood back to obtain wood for their various needs.

A young boy with a life-threatening facial deformity who was able to receive life-saving medical care through the Pattern Education program.

In 2018 we are bringing back our Charity of the Month.  We love being a part of the community and look forward to being involved in some great causes throughout the year.  Please come by the office to submit your local charity for our drawing.

Good luck with your resolutions ;^)

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