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Please Preserve Our Parks

The City Council has placed two ballot measures on the November ballot, 15-210, and 15-211.

15-210 takes away the historic (over 100 years) independence of the Parks Commission.

The second one, 15-211, changes a major potential funding mechanism of the Ashland Parks (the Meals Tax), putting it under City Council control.

Please vote NO on both of these.

Certain elements of our current City Council, and the Mayor, have made the city government dysfunctional. The quickest and deepest way to destroy any organization is to make the workplace so dysfunctional that the senior managers, stymied at every turn, quit. This also happens to be expensive, on many levels. Despite stating that they want to tighten the belts on city financing, they have created enormous increased costs by contributing to staff turnover. (In the past two years, the city has cycled through three City Attorneys, three Finance Directors, two Fire Chiefs, three administrative assistants, and two City Managers.)

Think of these two measures as a referendum on the competence of the current City Council. If you agree with me, that the City Council and Mayor are dysfunctional, and that the Parks Department is valuable to Ashland residents, vote NO on both measures.

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