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Relax! It’s Summertime

Greetings Ashlandians,

Summer is finally here!  I love all the seasons, but summer is especially fulfilling.  The long sunny days offer ample time for outdoor play and adventures, but also a chance to slow down a bit and relax.  My favorite summer activities include swimming in beautiful rivers & lakes, BBQin’ with friends, backpacking in the mountains and napping in my hammock.  While I love these activities, what I appreciate the most about summertime is the opportunity to not do anything, but rather to simply be.  I sometimes get so caught up in my activities, most of which are wonderful, that I forget how refreshing it is to be quiet, be still, be empty.  When I shift my attention away from mental activity — reflections on the past and plans for the future — and focus instead on what is present in this moment, I continually discover tremendous peace and contentment. That must be why the “present” is called such, because it is a gift just waiting to be recognized.  I wish you a glorious summer, and invite you to take a little time out from doing to discover the magic of being.  

In Peace,

Casey Frieder, DC

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