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Retirement and Downsizing Strategies

Thinking of retirement? Now is the time to downsize so you have extra time and savings for fun and adventure. Moving to a smaller home or retirement community can simplify life and lower expenses. Studies show it helps us live with GREATER JOY and LESS STRESS. Downsizing creates the challenge of how to get rid of all that stuff that was so easy and fun to accumulate. Here are some tips to get you started.

GET MOTIVATED. Humans love to procrastinate. Even if you aren’t ready to put your home on the market a deadline motivates motion. Pick a date and stick to it. For the average accumulation expect it to take a minimum of one full day for each year you’ve lived in your home.

QUIT CARING ABOUT THE JONESES. Many of us derive our self-esteem in owning the latest and greatest. By this point in our lives we should be beyond such superficial comparisons. It’s not what we have that’s important, it’s what we do to create a better world and find internal peace and happiness.

DEVISE A PLAN. Create a schedule and delineate who is responsible for what tasks. Identify charities that will accept your donations or hold a sale to make extra cash. Determine a strategy for disposing of your children’s things and be sure that whoever has the strongest boundaries and negotiating skills will deal with them. Don’t wait for them to collect things. Give them a deadline and then get rid of it. Even adult children remember how to push our buttons to get what they want.

ASSUME A POSITIVE APPROACH. Don’t view it as getting rid of everything that won’t fit or losing money on expensive things. Instead, know that your keeping only what you will actually use and love in your new life. Find the joy in letting someone else use and appreciate it. Your goal is a smaller but more valuable, in many ways, collection of belongings.

BE DECISIVE. It’s OK if you don’t get through everything in the first cycle. Decluttering often goes in stages. Remember to only keep what you absolutely love and use. As you work notice how much energy organizing and disposing of all your stuff takes. You will begin to realize that the seemingly indispensable now feels like extra weight. You’ll become more practical, understand what brings you the greatest joy and start moving through your piles more quickly.

DON’T HESITATE TO ASK FOR HELP. Rest assured you aren’t the only one. With years of personal and professional moving and downsizing experience, my team can assist you in helping you GET IT TOGETHER. Breathe and enjoy the ride!

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