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Retirement: the Burdens and Benefits

The fear of the unknown seems to hang over all the plans and thoughts about retirement. Will I have enough money to live on? Will I miss the work I have done for decades? What will occupy my time? What purpose will my life have?

While financial planning is usually handled ahead of time, the full reality of what retirement looks and feels like doesn’t happen until the day we wake up and don’t head out the door to our job. This can be a real struggle, or we can frame it in a positive way.

One author (who I cannot remember at this time due to those memory holes that appear around this age) said something I will never forget. Her comment was that as we approach menopause, we can shrink in our ability to handle things—physically, emotionally, mentally. However, as we come out the other side of our child-rearing years, we lift up our heads; raise our arms, and shout, “Okay world, what was I put here to do?”

I love this! It is saying we have passed into another season—one with grand possibilities.

Although the comment was regarding menopause, it certainly applies to retirement—a new season full of new possibilities. Think about this: Moses was 80 years old when he stepped into his role to lead the children of Israel out of Egypt—pretty important, as purposes go.

Keeping our minds open to possibilities and staying connected during our retirement years are healthy choices. Finding groups with common interests where we can offer our service will keep us feeling empowered and provide valuable help to our communities.

Another question comes into play around retirement age: Will I have the physical strength to take care of myself and my home? Pain and stiffness can rob us of the enthusiasm for life.

While working for years in a chiropractic office, I had the privilege to see seniors get their physical strength back and experience a pain-free life they never thought was possible at their age. Every day at Roberts Chiropractic, patients encounter caring professionals who are dedicated to helping the body heal to its highest ability.

When your body feels better, your mind can open to new dreams, new ideas, and new purposes. Spring brings new beginnings, where would you like to begin?

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