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Secret Treasure

Ashland Artworks isn’t a secret to everyone, but its amazing how many times I have heard; I’ve lived here for years and I didn’t know about this place.  291 Oak St. is the place to be on First Friday. Jack Langford does a Bronze pour, molten bronze for his sculptures and little bits on the brickwork for the audience. Randy Warren has the Raku kiln fired up and you can find him pulling red hot pots out of the kiln and burying them in garbage cans full of shredded paper. He almost always creates a small one to give away.

Then there are the decks overlooking the creek and five different galleries filled with some of Ashland’s most interesting works all created by the 12 Co-op members. For October’s first Friday there will be tables set up to build a bowl for the October 20th Bountiful Bowls Project. Come find out what that’s all about and get in on Ashland’s secret treasure.

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I am a Visual and Performance Artist. My business name is Creative Journey My Assembledge art I call Reliquary's

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