Self-Realization that’s simple, proven, fun AND for Every One!

To Know yourself is to love yourself!

This statement is the very essence of the Invincibility Series. It is deeply rooted in and at the core of the Greatest Truth of its Tenets.

When you know yourself fully, then learn to forgive what is not up to your standards, you will literally fall in love with yourself and you’ll live the life we love to call Authentic Freed-Aum. Why Authentic? Why Freed-Aum??? Thanks for asking.

Long ago (and how I got here, to this place in my life) I lived a very difficult existence that taught me to be hyper-vigilant. Through extremely challenging experiences I learned to be ever mindful of watching and becoming what others thought I should be, doing what they asked or expected of me. I took great heed in what their opinion of me was; never giving credence to what opinion I might have of myself. Through that state of fear and pain I created the ultimate experience of intense disease in my body and experienced a “passing from my human body into the light” at the age of 17. Happily I returned with this wisdom, and much, much more:

There, in the midst of the worst and best day of my life, I encountered the Eternal and Great Beings of Immense Light and their Truths that I now teach:
– We are all One with that which created us.
– Indeed, we are immensely and eternally loved by that which created us.

– Forgiveness is key and essential to bringing us to balance which enables our Greater Selves to unfold, right here, right now.
– And that as we think, speak and feel, so we create, as One with Creator Force within us.

Imagine that there is just ONE, of which we are all a part. That there are many ways to Freedom (Freed-Aum) and The Way is alight with the doctrine of Self-Forgiveness, Forgiveness of all others through living brilliantly, unfolding our True Nature: Authenticity! There we encounter ourselves to forgive what we won’t enjoy; we change the self-judged circumstances into something more appealing and more congruent with our stated desires and voila, peace, harmony, happiness and compassion prevail.

Bringing us back to our title above, Here’s a simple Invincibility teaching: Whenever I feel judgmental of myself or of another, I know that I will undoubtedly (under the laws of attraction, karma, etcetera) attract that very issue to myself. I apply WWIRF. It stands for “What would I rather feel?” It’s a deal breaker and pattern interrupter that always works! Use it repeatedly!

You’ll learn to truly Know and Love yourself!