Shadowlight Ministry

Shadowlight Ministry

Considered a healer’s healer, Cynthia holds a masterful space in her Trance Energy Therapy Sessions while guiding clients to realize their wholeness. Her gifts are in her ability to offer a fresh perspective that opens new possibilities, while distilling essential wisdom into practical everyday use, giving clients a deeper sense of self-love, self-trust, clearer boundaries and the ability to express them. Through the process of her work, clients have experienced relief from chronic pain, explored past lives with powerful results, have positively shifted their relationship with food, nicotine and alcohol, embarked upon their spiritual path, activated artistic flow, clear guidance for an important decision, release from stress, becoming effective in public speaking, enhanced sports performance, release of limiting fears, completion of karmic contracts, return of personal power, more focused meditation practice and have even deepened and activated their ability as healers within the community. With over 18-years of experience in the healing arts and supporting a myriad of people with many modalities that she trained in along the way, Cynthia has created a practice that blends Clinical Hypnotherapy, channeled energy and shamanic wisdom to support her clients and community.

The name Shadowlight was born from Cynthia’s awareness that our access to personal transformation and freedom resides within the shadow aspects of our personality and the behaviors that run our lives as a result. The very areas that people often wish to avoid are where our greatest potential is held. Illuminating these shadows allows for the integration of them. This results in presence, as more of you is becomes available to live in the present moment and with a deeper sense of personal power.

Shadowlight Ministry:

Trance Energy Therapy

Reiki Healing

Personal Mentorship and Retreats

Healership Activation & Reiki Attunements

Sacred Interior Design & Altar Creation

Weddings Ceremony

Home, Land & Business Blessing

Cynthia LoRe, C.Ht., Reiki Master, Ordained Minister

Director of Shadowlight Ministry, Ashland, Oregon

541 821 2594


“Cynthia is the real deal. She is grounded in integrity, and has a special ability to work on many levels. She has helped me immensely through major passages in life, from visualizing and manifesting a beautiful living space for myself, to working through body issues and healing past traumas. Cynthia knows how to create the space that allows a person to go in and do the deep work. I found that I needed to travel to those depths to heal fragmented parts of my life, and was grateful I felt safe to do that with Cynthia’s guidance.”

KJG, Santa Barbara, CA

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