Sharing Exotic Seeds

This month I am excited to present a fun and inspiring massage class inspired by my travels around the globe. I feel the techniques I have learned and created over the past fifteen years are like exotic seeds. After fruitfully growing these seeds in my own practice, I am honored to share them with practitioners in the Rogue Valley.

What I teach tends to be very different from what most LMTs learn in traditional massage school training. I encourage therapists to work with the body three dimensionally and incorporate more work with the fascia, connective tissue and joints. I love helping people to get outside of their own routines, take better care of their own body and become more curious and excited about their own practices.

The July 19 & 20th (12 CE Hours) “Around the Table, Around the World II” class will be a blend of Myofascial Therapy, Osteo-Thai, Medically Focused Massage and Creative Muscle Energy Techniques. Specifically, it will focus on:

• Myofascial release for the forearms and wrists
• Gentle joint mobilization, focusing on hands, fingers & wrists
• Opening the SI joint & sacrum tension releases
• Unique neck techniques supported by shoulder mobilization
• Chest, pectoral & subclavicular openings using dynamic movement of arms
• Effective back, traps & lat work supported by movements of clients’ hips and shoulders

Countries of influence will include Thailand, Greece, Mexico, India & the United States.

Although I will share some theory, my classes are very hands on and most of the weekend will be spent giving and receiving great bodywork. I would rather students be present with the teaching instead of trying to take copious notes, therefore I support all of my classes with custom made videos that I provide as links to students at no charge.

Cost: $220 if paid in full by July 5th, $250 if registered after July 5th.
If you are interested in participating in the class please register with:
Ashland Institute of Massage, P.O. Box 1233, Ashland, OR 97520 or call 541.482.5134

If you have more questions about my experience, my teaching style or my training, please visit my website at