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by Pete and Mike

As sleep specialists we are always looking for products that meet our customer’s requests and that offer a better night sleep.  Natura organic mattresses caught our attention.  After looking into the product we were satisfied that they met the requirements of a Natural and Organic mattress.

Natural renewable latex and wool from New Zealand offer eco-friendly and sustainable resource; these materials combined offer a multitude of different feels in firmness.   The small details are going to ensure the longevity of your new mattress.  The wool is batted and carefully sewn into the quilt, which keeps the mattress from sagging over time and the result is a soft and supple comfort layer to relieve back and shoulder discomfort.  Latex is layered from top to bottom and side-to-side, this is what will give you hours of support throughout the night.  The wool and organic cotton quilts are highly breathable materials, which will allow for cool sleeping nights and are approved by the CFR (Code of Federal Regulations) to be used instead of chemical flame-retardants.

What makes us so excited is to offer a completely natural, petroleum free product. For a truly great night sleep come and see what we are so excited about, come ask us about Natura organic mattresses.

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