Camelot Theatre

Solomon’s Blade

Camelot Theatre Company, where Broadway meets Talent, presents its first play of the 2016 season: Lisa Beth Allen’s Solomon’s Blade.

“Approached with great humor and humanity, Solomon’s Blade speaks to anyone who has ever looked in the mirror and seen a stranger.” – Dramatists Guild

Winner, Ashland New Plays Festival, 2004

Tamar Greenwold has been unexpectedly called to return from a long-awaited vacation with her husband. Her sister-in-law Claire is lying in the hospital seven and a half months pregnant, brain-dead, on life-support. Arrangements have been made by Tamar’s close friend and attorney Kristin Joseph to have an Israeli immigrant adopt the child. Devoted to her Jewish faith, Tamar is thrilled… until she discovers the mother to be, Sahrrah Shouman, is Arab-Israeli. As the adults wrestle with the conflict, the nature of identity, faith and truth are called into question. Meanwhile Hannah, Tamar’s gifted eight year-old daughter has become increasingly attached to the aunt she hardly knew and the unborn child. In an effort to stem the tide of conflict between the adults, Hannah evolves a plan with potentially deadly consequences. A poignant, provocative and timely piece of theatre!

Solomon’s Blade runs February 3 – 28, Thursday through Saturdays at 8pm and Sundays at 2pm. For further information or to purchase tickets, call the Box Office at 541-535-5250 or visit us here.

Camelot Theatre
101 Talent Ave.
Talent, OR 97540
(541) 535-5250
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