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St. Clair Productions 20th Eclectic Music and More series runs through the end of April with 5 more shows and 3 workshops  Shows and workshops are at the Unitarian Fellowship, 87 4th St., Ashland, unless otherwise indicated.  Shows begin at 8 p.m.  Tickets and info here, (541) 535-3562 or the Music Coop.  Register for the workshops and details at the website.

Friday, March 4 Indian Ragas with Pir Shabda Kahn on vocals, Benjy Wertheimer on tablas and Deepak Paramashivan on Sarangi

Concert and Workshop at Ashland Community Center, 59 Winburn Way  

Pir Shabda Kahn serves as spiritual director of the Sufi Ruhaniat International, a branch within the lineage of Pir-o-Murshid Hazrat Inayat Khan. He also is a teacher and performer of Hindustani classical vocal music, Raga in the Kirana Gharana style, serving as director of the Chisti Sabri School of Music, within the lineage of his teacher Pandit Pran Nath

Saturday, March 5 and Sunday, March 6  10 a.m.-5 p.m.   Workshop with Pir Shabda Kahn:  Natural Breath of the Heart: Cultivating the Inner Life in Harmony With the Outer Life   

Saturday Evening 7:30  Zikr

Saturday, March 12 Mean Mary James  “Mary was the headline act at the Filey Folk Festival in 2014 and was a revelation. Most famous for her lightening banjo chops she proved equally versatile on guitar and fiddle. Playing many original songs from her large back catalogue she also played spirited renditions of several folk and bluegrass favourites. She connected with the audience many of whom were seeing her for the first time as well as anyone I’ve seen before and has an infectious disposition.” Chris Lee, festival/concert promoter

Sunday, March 13, 10:00-11:30 a.m.  Intermediate/Advanced Banjo workshop at Hilltop Music in Ashland Shopping Center

Saturday, March 19 Comic Swami Beyondananda Maybe you’ve never seen the Swami before and are wondering, “A cosmic comic Swami?  How does that work?” Or maybe you’ve heard about the Swami but haven’t yet gone to his show.  The top 10 reasons to come: 1. The world is in serious condition because of our conditioning to be serious. 2.The average child laughs 150 times a day, the average adult only 15. 3. One in four Americans suffer from humorrhoids and don’t even know it?  Don’t fall victim to this silent joy-killer.  4. Studies show that laughter burns calories.  Bring your friends and family to see the Swami — and laugh your ass off!  5. The quality of life in your community is directly related to the “laugh force” that is generated?  6. if you have an answerable question the Swami will have a questionable answer. 7. Are you a Bullwinkle, Dylan fan or Elvis fan?  Hear Swami channel them all at once. 8. Swami will be signing books.   If he becomes really famous you will have a famous autograph. 9. All the money taken in during this show … will be spent in the economy! 10. Swami’s unconditional guarantee:  Come to this show, and I will love you unconditionally!

Sunday, March 20 2-4 p.m  Workshop: Wake Up Laughing and Leave Laughter in Your Wake

Thursday, April 7 Sam Baker “Sam Baker might be the most captivating songwriter in America. You’ll probably never catch yourself singing one of his songs in the shower, because his melodies generally tend to be as bare-bones serviceable as the raspy scratch of his singing; but by God, you listen to what he has to say, hanging on for every line like a baby bird at feeding time. Sometimes his words come out haltingly, one by one; others tumble out of his mouth in spurts of nursery rhyme cadence … By the time he sing-speaks them all, he’s burned a black-and-white image or sometimes even a whole movie in your mind that lingers long after each song ends.” Richard Skanse in Lone Star Music

Saturday, April 30 Liquid Gold (William Coulter, guitar and Edwin Huizinga, violin) If you’ve been to Tomaseen Foley’s “A Celtic Christmas” at the Craterian Theater, you’ve seen these two musicians perform as part of the show.  Performing together as the duo Liquid Gold, Coulter and Huizinga offer an eclectic exploration into the fire and grace that connects the elements of classical, folk and contemporary musical traditions from around the world.

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